Match & Result: Slovenia vs USA (18 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Slovenia vs USA (18 Jun 2010)Winner: Draw
Score: Slovenia(2) vs USA(2)
13′ Birsa (Slovenia)
42′ Ljubijankic (Slovenia)
48′ Donovan (USA)
82′ Bradley (USA)


Slovenia came up big in the first half as they scored their fastest goal in FIFA World Cup history for their country. Birsa had his first goal 13 minutes after kick-off and was followed by another from Ljubijankic before half-time ended. It seems that Slovenia was taking this game away from USA.

Second half started and Donovan quickly returned the favor with a goal on the 48th minute and was able to tie it up on the 82nd minute. USA was denied with another goal on the 85th minute when referee ruled out that Maurice Edu’s goal was nullified because of a violation that we cannot see in the replay.

Key Takeaway

USA has gotten stronger through the years and this showed us that USA is prime to compete with any team. They should have won this game if they weren’t robbed by the referee.

USA still has a chance to move to the next round if England and Algeria draw their game later tonight.

You can watch videos of all the action in this game here — Videos: Slovenia vs USA (18 Jun 2010)

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