Match & Result: Slovenia vs England (23 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Slovenia vs England (23 Jun 2010)Winner: England
Score: Slovenia(0) vs England(1)
23′ DEFOE (England)


From the match kick-off England was determined to move to the next round as they played with cohesion, aggressiveness I have not seen in their previous games. Whoever shoots the ball to the goal players quickly run towards the goal hoping that the goalkeeper fumbles and they get their chance to score.

England has been consistent throughout the game pushing, controlling possession, and shooting at the goal one after the other.

Key Takeaway

For the last 52 years, England has made it to the next round and this team was about to make history for failing to move to the last 16. England played like it was the championship game and they were paid off handsomely with a win.

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