Match & Result: Greece vs Nigeria (17 Jun 2010)

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Match and Result: Greece vs Nigeria (17 Jun 2010)Winner: Greece
Score: Greece(2) vs Nigeria(1)
71′ Torosidis (1) Greece
44′ Salpingidis (1) Greece
16′ Uche (1) Nigeria


That was a strong game for Greece and they have made history by winning their first FIFA World Cup finals game.

It looked like Nigeria had the upper hand when they scored the first goal on the 16th minutes but after that they lost focus on defense as Greece shot on goal so many times without the defenders blocking or helping out the goalkeeper.

Greece scored two goals to win the game.

The videos for the goals scored is found here — Videos: Greece vs Nigeria (17 Jun 2010).

Key Takeaway

Nigeria is in a very tough spot and their only chance for getting in the next round is for them to win against Korea Republic and Greece gets beaten by Argentina to force a three way tie with Korea Republic, and Greece.

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