Match & Result: Germany vs Serbia (18 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Germany vs Serbia (18 Jun 2010)Winner: Serbia
Score: Germany(0) vs Serbia(1)
38′ Jovanovi


A historic game for Serbia as they have beaten a super power team in Germany. Germany hasn’t lost a group stage since 1986 and they haven’t lost a second game group stage since 1954.

Serbia scored the first goal on the 38th minute and Germany was looking for an equalizer but after Miroslav Klose got his second yellow card, things were gloomy for the ten man team Germany.

Germany employed a three striker offense with Podolski on the left side, CaCau at the middle and Marin on the right side. Podolski had seven shots on goal but couldn’t finish off and score a goal.

Key Takeaway

Germany’s weakness was exposed with Miroslav Klose out of the picture and Michael Ballack no longer with Germany. Even when Germany employed their three striker offense it couldn’t score the equalizer just like Germany always did back in 2006 when they were done with a goal.

Group D has now become harder and teams need to win their remaining games to get to the next round.

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