Match & Result: Germany vs England (27 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Germany vs England (27 Jun 2010)Winner: [to be updated after game] Score: Germany(3) vs England(1)
20′ Klose (Germany)
32′ Podolski (Germany)
37′ Upson (England)
67′ Mueller (Germany)
70′ Mueller (Germany)


Germany had the legs to push the ball, setup plays, run the entire field throughout the game and defend every attack and counterattack by England.

England looked tired, a step behind and out of synch on the offensive attack by Germany.

As a result, Germany destroyed England with 4 goals to 1.

Key Takeaway

Germany still had the last hooray for Klose, the veteran player of Germany who won the Adidas Golden Boot back in 2006. Their younger guns in Podolski and Mueller have shined in this year’s tournament.

England on the other hand have aging players and for most of them this is the last FIFA World Cup we are going to see them at their best.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: Germany vs England (21 Jun 2010)


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