Match & Result: England vs Algeria (18 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: England vs Algeria (18 Jun 2010)Winner: Draw
Score: England(0) vs Algeria(0)


This was a disappointing game for England but interesting one for Algeria. Forget England, they sucked. Wayne Rooney sucked. The entire offense of England sucked, if they had any. All they knew was to kick the ball to nowhere, they setup plays that didn’t hit the target.

Forget England. Algeria was very good in helping out they goalkeeper. They defended well, they blocked, they challenges. Algeria had a good rhythm cutting down the shooting lanes of England. It was beautiful to watch Algeria tonight.

Key Takeaway

As I said in the pre-game match of England vs Algeria, both of these teams need a win to advance to the next round. A draw by both of them at least gives Algeria a chance to move to the next round and make history. They already made history today as no African team has beaten England, and these guys tied up England, one for the books.

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