Match & Result: Australia vs Serbia (23 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Australia vs Serbia (23 Jun 2010)Winner: Australia
Score: Australia(2) vs Serbia(1)
84′ PANTELIC (Serbia)
73′ HOLMAN (Australia)
69′ CAHILL (Australia)


This was a tough game for Australia and they didn’t only need to win but they had to win big scoring a number of goals. They fought from the start and Cahill had a great moments in the first half which just fell short of a goal.

In the second half, Australia was blazing, attacking as quickly and often as they can. They were rewarded on the 69th minute with a goal from Cahill. Four minutes later, Australia scored another goal via Holman. Things looked good and Australia may have scored three more goals. Remember Portugal scoring three goals in seven minutes against Korea DPR?

Serbia came back and scored on the 84th minute. The effort of both these teams were great but not enough.

Key Takeaway

This was a great game and Australia and Serbia have something to celebrate about especially for Australia who could have gone to the next round had they scored a few more goals.

Ghana and Germany are moving to the next round.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: Australia vs Serbia (23 Jun 2010)

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