Liveblogging: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)

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Liveblogging: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)Spain (0) vs Switzerland (1)
51′ Gelson Fernandes


Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

90’+5 Xavi on a free kick, missed
90′ Free kick by Spain, last effort, could not convert
90′ Switzerland wasting time on substitutions
89′ Spain with possession, about to lose and have the biggest upset
88′ We are almost done
87′ Spain attacks in vein
86′ Exchanges of possession
85′ Navas with a cross, caught by Switzerland goalkeeper
84′ Another missed opportunity by Torres, wasted breakaway
78′ Another wide shot from Spain by Navas
75′ Iniesta with a breakaway but tackled by Switzerland, defending very well
74′ Thriller by Switzerland almost scores another goal, very close.
73′ Navas free kick, header by Spain, Pique clear shot, caught by goalkeeper but ruled offside
71′ Navas (Spain) another missed opportunity
69′ Xavi Alonso had a good shot from on top of the box, but hit the pole, closest it came.
69′ Torres had a good chance but did not push, a corner for Spain
67′ Torres had a very good shot for goal, shot it way above again
63′ Shot on goal, 14 (Spain) vs 2 (Switzerland), lucky Switzerland
62′ Iniesta another shot to the goal, wide right
62′ Torres (Spain) playing left wing position
60′ Spain brings out star striker Fernando Torres
53′-60′ Spain pushing hard and shooting one after another, but Switzerland holding them off
52′ Spain pushing on possesion
51′ FERNANDES SCORES, a scramble on the penalty box of Spain where goalkeeper might have been injured resulted in a goal by Switzerland. Just as I have predicted — Pre-game: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010), Switzerland should play careful and counterattack and wait for the chance. They just need to hold off any score from Spain
51′ Switzerland SCORES GOAL
50′ Iniesta attacking, pops out to Silva on top, shoots straight but could not convert.
49′ Switzerland attacking, stopped by Spain, now Iniesta fueling counterattack, his on the corner, pushes out to Xavi on top of the box, deflected by Switzerland, corner kick by Spain. Good defense by Switzerland, stone wall.
48′ Iniesta setting up play, Switzerland deflects, Silva goes to ground, Spain gets back possession
47′ Pique penalised for illegal ball handle
47′ Alonso (Spain) shots side
46′ Xavi (Spain) corner kick
Second-half on the way
45′ Spain too many missed opportunities
44′ Spain are on red bull, they keep on shooting the ball wide, way above, etc.
43′ Villa had a chance on top of box, but had to pass out to Iniesta
who shoots way over the top.
42′ Spain looks good passing but it stop there no goals yet
42′ Silva to Iniesta, then back to Xavi on top of the box, shot way above goal
39′ Silva to Iniesta passing, now Spain sets up midfield
38′ Spain possession, corner kick of Switzerland amount to nothing
37′ Barnetta cross gets a corner for Switzerland
37′ Xavi corner kick, amounts to nothing, not even close
36′ Spain breakaway, broken by Switzerland
35′ Switzerland substitution
33′ Spain dancing on the field amounts to nothing
32′ Spain via Xavi wasted another free-kick not even close, these Spaniards are becoming an eyesore. You don’t get that many free kicks.
31′ Iniesta losing steam, getting very physical
30′ David Villa (Spain) wasted it, should have floated it. Switzerland defense strong enough
30′ Iniesta had a chance to sidestep and launch, lucky to have the free kick. wasting a breakaway.
29′ Iniesta breakaway, not gets a free kick, Grichting booked by referee(Switzerland)
28′ Iniesta challenges, Spain has possession, counterattacks.
26′ Casillas great save but poor goalkeeping skills because of the fumble
25′ Caught by goalkeeper of Spain, almost fumbled
25′ Switzerland has a chance to score on a free kick
22′ So close for Pique of Spain, Goalkeeper holding off
21′ Switzerland somehow has restricted Spain to just three shots on target to the goal. Good defense even if they cannot control possession.
20′ Wonderful save by Benaglio
20′ Iniesta (Spain) shoots to the goal, caught by goalkeeper
20′ Ramos commits a foul
19′ Switzerland setting up play.
18′ Switzerland attacks, but Pique delivers poorly
16′ The stadium seems empty, not a lot of people packing this up.
16′ Ramos shooting from right side attack, hits side of net. A cross should have been delivered.
14′ Switzerland being run around by Spain
10′ Xavi, Alonzo passing awesome
’09 Corner waster by Switzerland
’08 Switzerland corner kick, they need this
06′ Inler brings down Xaxi, Switzerland challenged on possession
03′ Xavi’s free kick Switzerland defends
02′ Free-kick Spain
02′ Switzerland gets the ball but N’Kufo away a foul.
01′ Spain regains possession from Switzerland
00′ Switzerland gets the ball
00′ Kicks off

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