Liveblogging: Slovenia vs England (23 Jun 2010)

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Liveblogging: Slovenia vs England (23 Jun 2010)Slovenia (0) vs England (1)


Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

I am updating this page with a summary of highlights on the first half, and second half. Also, I would post goals scored if any right away including the video here.

For details of happenings, you can get it at FIFA.

Below are the highlights:

The game ends and England is very pleased with the results. They had a number more opportunities to score a goal which was saved beautifully by the goalkeeper. Nonetheless, England is getting this win and advancing to the next round.

Very well done.

2nd half

Slovenia is still looking for a tie, England continue with their aggressiveness.

1st Half

England is aggressive in their attack, you can see how the team shoots on goal and quickly attacks towards the goalkeeper for a possible second shot if goalkeeper fumbles.


You can view the match report and results here — Match & Result: Slovenia vs England (23 Jun 2010)


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