Liveblogging: Portugal vs Brazil (25 Jun 2010)

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Liveblogging: Portugal vs Brazil (25 Jun 2010)Portugal (0) vs Brazil (0)


Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

I am updating this page with a summary of highlights on the first half, and second half. Also, I would post goals scored if any right away including the video here.

For details of happenings, you can get it at FIFA.

Below are the highlights:

Piece of shit game, I am happy Argentina went ahead and scored their third win, Brazil was just playing like it was a pickup game. Pickup game have more intensity.

2nd Half

Damn, both these teams are playing safe, maybe they don’t want to risk an injury for any of their players. Both of these teams are more like to finish 1st and 2nd especially because Ivory Coast has only scored 3 and they need five or six more to go ahead of Portugal.

This is becoming a boring match where both teams run and setup play as if they were at the bottom of the standing.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal is bringing the game to Brazil.

1st Half

There were flashes of brilliance coming from Ronaldo, Maicon, and Silva but both teams still aren’t able to score a goal.

You can view the match report and results here — Match & Result: Portugal vs Brazil (25 Jun 2010)


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