Liveblogging: Algeria vs Slovenia (13 Jun 2010)

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Algeria (0) vs Slovenia (1)

Slovenia wins 1-0

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

Both teams exchanged possessions until the end of the game. Slovenia won to the dismay of England and USA.
73′ Abdelkader Ghezzal red card for stupid confrontation of referee after given a yellow card for using hand
66′ Algeria getting more possession time than Slovenia, but still boring overall
64′ Slovenia on track on getting their third draw at international tournament, losing four. no wins.
62′ Slovenia shoots Koren, very far above the goal
60′ Shot on goal by Slovenia–KIRM, saved by Algeria–CHAOUCHI, lacked striker finishing skill
59′ Ghezzal (Algeria) Yellow Card
58′ Ghezzal comes in to replace Djebbour (Algeria)
57′ Foul Brecko (Slovenia)
56′ Handanovic (Slovenia) saves
55′ Shot on goal by Yebda (Algeria) saved
52′ Slovenia attacking a shot on the goal way way far on top
50′ Karim Ziani shot from afar, no chance of going in. Really stupid
49′ Both side doesn’t look like they want to win, they are looking for a draw. much to the delight of England, USA
Second half underway
Half Time
45′ 1 minute added
44′ Slovenia finding crackdown in defense of Algeria
44′ Birsa another shot from the top of the box, wide right
44′ Ziani intercepts, Slovenia gets it back
43′ Slovenia attacking, setting up play
43′ Brilliant save by Chaouchi (Algeria)
43′ Birsa with a brilliant shot from top of the box (Birsa)
42′ Dedic (Slovenia) free-kick
39′ Kadir (Algeria) offside
35′ Belhadj (Algeria) takes a corner
34′ Yellow card for Slovenia (Radosavljevic)
34′ Breakaway by Slovenia results in nothing
32′ Boring exchange of posessions
31′ Belhadj free kick (Algeria)
27′ Djebbour (Algeria) foul
25′ Dedic of Slovenia offside
23′ Radosavljevic (Slovenia) penalised
21′ Chaouchi (Algeria) saves it
21′ Birsa free-kick
20′ Slovenia free kick
19′ Karim Ziani could have setup a good pass to streaking Karim Matmour, missed chance. Ziani overhits the pass
16′ Kadir (Algeria) gives up a free-kick on a challenge by Jokic (Slovenia)
15′ Koren (Slovenia) shot blocked
14′ Matmour could shoot the ball despite clear sight of the goal
14′ Slovenia and Algeria contesting possession on midfield
11′ Slovenia on a breakaway, could not complete
09′ Matmour from Algeria Offside
08′ Algeria on the attack
07′ Rafik overhits the pass from Karim Matmour
04′ Algeria with possession again, they are controlling the game early on
03′ Great save by Slovenia goalkeeper
03′ Algeria almost scores on a free kick from on top of the box
00′ Ball is live, Algeria with possession
00′ Lineup being announced
00′ Welcome to liveblogging of FIFA World Cup – Algeria vs Slovenia (13 Jun 2010)


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