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South Africa The nation of South Africa encompasses all of the passion and the mystery of the so-called Dark Continent.It is full of exotic wildlife, expansive landscapes and cultural treasures.It is perhaps the most ethnically diverse African nation;with a variety of indigenous tribes as well as strong Caucasian, Indian and racially mixed communities.South Africa’s history is filled with conflict and it is only a few years removed from the institutionalized oppression of the majority of its people under the apartheid system.But there are great changes taking place and the nation is bursting with hope and promise.Damon treks across this dangerous, yet beautiful, country, exploring its many contrasts.From the bustle of Capetown to the wilderness of the desert.From the quaint and friendly villages to the luxurious tourists resorts. He connects to its natural landscape, embarking on safaris, riding elephants, and bonding with giraffes.He listens to its people, speaking to Bushmen about their faith, to villagers about life and death, and to young citizens about their love for their homeland and their hope for a better tomorrow.Damon basks in the spirit of a joyous people who can turn even their sorrows into an opportunity for celebration. From: TravelVideoStore Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 47:39 More in Shows

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S. Africa video on: South Africa

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