S. Africa video on: Meteor lights up sky in South Africa [both angles]

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Meteor lights up sky in South Africa [both angles] droidzilla.blogspot.com CCTV: footage of a meteor spotted over the skies of Gauteng, South Africa on the 21st of November 2009 Local news story: Johannesburg and Pretoria residents have come forward, claiming they spotted a meteor in the skies on Saturday night. People in Gauteng saw the bright light at around 11pm on Saturday night, heading towards the north of Pretoria. We saw this big green ball of fire. More..More..it kind of came out of the sky, out of the blue, one resident said. There was sudden flash. Like an orange stripe in the sky, followed by a very bright explosion where the sky lit up as if it was daytime, another explained. Astronomers and scientists are still trying to find out where the meteor landed. Ronnie McKenzie collects meteorites and said something like this is very rare. I would say it probably happens around two or three times a year around the world, he said. Less.. From: knightskross Views: 836787 603 ratings Time: 00:40 More in Science & Technology

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S. Africa video on: Meteor lights up sky in South Africa [both angles]

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