Cameroon video on: Nintendo World Cup–vs. Cameroon (2nd half)

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The FIFA World Cup fever is getting hotter with fresh reading from Cameroon:

Nintendo World Cup–vs. Cameroon (2nd half) Finishing up the beating on Cameroon…. I have some corrections I have to make on my commentary: Italy is the quarterfinal (10th matchup) followed by Argentina in the semifinal and West Germany in the finals. This is when you play through normally. When playing as Argentina…The USA becomes the 8th matchup (replacing Holland), and Holland goes to the quarterfinals (replacing Italy). Italy is the semifinal matchup (replacing Argentina) and West Germany is still the final matchup When playing as West Germany…Same scenario as playing as Argentina only they replace West Germany as the final matchup. Gathered this information from Gokuma’s Nintendo World Cup FAQ on GameFAQs. From: SaxualHealing11 Views: 133 2 ratings Time: 08:47 More in Gaming

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Cameroon:

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Cameroon video on: Nintendo World Cup–vs. Cameroon (2nd half)

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