S. Africa video on: Operation Priscilla – South Africa

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The skilled South Africa fever is getting hotter with fresh readings:

Operation Priscilla – South Africa January 2005 Police in South Africa have infiltrated a major child sex syndicate. Girls as young as ten were fed drugs to force them into a life of prostitution. Priscilla is only 16 but already she’s a hardened prostitute. “I don’t know if I’ll see 21 if it goes on like this,” she confides. She’s a victim of a nation-wide Nigerian sex syndicate, which rotates girls between brothels in four cities. Her 14 year old sister, Candice, is also being held captive. “Child exploitation attracts a lot of attention — it becomes more dangerous, it becomes more lucrative,” explains one expert. There’s even a website where pimps can advertise their girls. Most girls were enslaved after being force-fed drugs but more sinister methods were also used. One mother’s three year old son was abducted by her pimps to force her onto the street. Another child was brutally gang raped after she tried to run away. From: journeymanpictures Views: 26218 32 ratings Time: 19:22 More in News & Politics

Below is an update on South Africa:

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S. Africa video on: Operation Priscilla – South Africa

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