S. Africa video on: Endemic Violence – South Africa

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South Africa who is one of the top footballers in the world report follows:

Endemic Violence – South Africa Feb 1996 Violence in South Africa is a problem for whites and blacks, at every level of society. Hospitals deal with a constant flow of victims. One man lies on a pillow soaked in blood. Under his bed – a pool of blood. Jessie Duarta, Minister of Safety and Security in the Gauteng Province, claims that the present government is the first to admit to a crime problem. Everyone blames high crime rates on high unemployment. In prison, a young white man says he will turn to crime again if he fails to get a job when he is freed. Police patrol the streets always with a gun in their hand. It is the only way to survive. White middle class families live in high security compounds. There children can play safely in neat gardens behind airy, red brick houses. Professor Eddie Wolff, a specialist in trauma, warns that if the government does not deal effectively with crime, will witness the advent of vigilante groups. People will take the law into their own hands and South Africa will enter another phase of ‘traumatisation’ From: journeymanpictures Views: 59804 104 ratings Time: 30:56 More in News & Politics

Below is an update on South Africa:

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S. Africa video on: Endemic Violence – South Africa

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