S. Africa video on: Poor Whites – South Africa

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South Africa breaking report:

Poor Whites – South Africa June 2006 Since the end of apartheid, thousands of white South Africans have been forced into poverty. They blame the government’s positive discrimination policies, which favour black employees. Twelve years ago, Afrikaners like Betsie Dreyer lived a privileged and cocooned life. Now, many are dependent on charity handouts. “We are fighting all the time to survive.” The government is determined to see the workforce appropriately reflect the population. It gives black people priority in employment, sets ‘black quotas’ for businesses and favours companies owned by black people. But critics accuse the government of neglecting its responsibility to white citizens. As union rep Kallie Kriel states: “It’s ironic that a government that fought racial laws is now doing exactly the same thing.” Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures From: journeymanpictures Views: 610197 1759 ratings Time: 15:33 More in News & Politics

Below is an update on South Africa:

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S. Africa video on: Poor Whites – South Africa

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