Gulati is Lying About Pekerman Because He Could Not Get Klinsmann Easily

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Jose PekermanU.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati is lying about his need of Pekerman to coach US simply because he could not get Klinsmann to sign easily for their team after his successful transformation of German football. The poll I ran a while back indicated people want to see Klinsmann coach USA but apparently it doesn’t make any sense for him to try to build a team from a disoriented system.

Jose Pekerman’s name is floating around as a contingency plan for US and not as a primary option. He seems to be a good choice given the way he handles youth having won FIFA World Youth Championships in 1995, 1997 and 2001 and the way a young Argentinean squad played during FIFA World Cup — fast, exciting and fearless football.

Why is Pekerman not a fit to coach US?

1. Aside from his youthful success, he doesn’t seem to fit into a system that is exactly opposite Argentina, a crazy football world. US don’t have much respect for the sport as any other country and would not be able to match the understanding and commitment Jose will put into the game.

2. Jose may have little pressure coaching a team who is not expected to win that could figure in his decision but over time he will soon realize how pathetic his decision could be.

3. He doesn’t speak English much and the need to communicate well with the team is essential to bring the meager chances of US to great lengths.

4. Jose Pekerman doesn’t have any connection with US other than his name floating around the position.

Gulati know these things, but the pressure to hire a high-profile coach is too much especially for a US coaching job which is the last place top caliber coaches would desire. Gulati is desperate and would like to project that only the best coaches are considered for the position and has such floated the likes of Klinsmann, Parreira who declined and coach South Africa, and now Jose. Don’t fantasize too much Gulati, because it is more the coaches’ decision to join your team and not the other way around. Instead of dreaming the big coaches, go and look at your local pool of talent.

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