FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship: US Fails Again

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FIFA U-20 Women's World Championship US TeamI wrote about the US Girls Football Team far from being pathetic as their boys, and true enough despite of their loss against Brazil in the battle for third place they still are way ahead of the men’s football team. It’s sorry to see them bow out without even winning the third prize award but the way they played proves a lot of their skill and potential going forward.

Danesha Adams showed power and toughness throughout the competition while Tobin Heath was fast and furious in the midfield giving opponents something to chase and catch up with. Amy Rodriguez (US Senior), Kelley O’Hara and Lauren Cheney played very well which could have seen them reach the finals only to see them losing against China DPR and Brazil via a penalty shootout for their last two games.

Is their performance good enough?

Their performance was definitely better than what US showed in FIFA World Cup Germany but I seriously believe US is buried further below by this defeat combined with the World Cup and their Basketball World Championship failure. The girls had a chance to redeem their country and stand proud as the new breed of leaders especially when great effort towards women’s role in society is pushed forward today than ever before. They could have driven a point that they are no push-over, behind the scene actors; but rather they are leaders they were born to be. Their defeat tells the world that US is no longer to be feared as a super power in sports and their resources could no longer bring them any closer to their dominance in any undertaking they participated.

The girls had their chance and they blew it. I salute them for their effort and while I am proud of their performance even without bringing home any prize, I feel sorry for them and the nation for another losing record on their books.

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