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FIFA U-20 Women's World Championship TeamsFIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship standings.

Last Update: August 24

Group A

Brazil – the samba country managed to get away with a stalemate against host nation Russia and Brazil and was able to defeat defending champions Australia with a score of 2 – 0.

Russia – came out very strong on their opening game with Brazil and managed to hold-off their powerful team to finish in a draw while their encounter with New Zealand proved harder and just got out with a 3 – 2 win. Their last game against Australia finished in a draw.

Australia – they openened their bid on a 3 – 0 destruction of New Zealand but was taken cared of by Brazil. They had a draw with Russia 1 – 1.

New Zealand – they need to do their homework as they were demolished by Australia and Russia. They worked hard to draw their last game against Brazil.

Group B

China – are leading the pack by beating both Finland (2-1) and Nigeria (3-0) behind the power of Ma Xiaoxu. They won their last game against Canada 1 – 0.

Nigeria – managed to squeak out a win against Canada (3-2) while being defeated by China (0-3). They demolishied their last opponent — Finland 8 – 0.

Finland – put up a fight against China but could not get the win (1-2) while beaten badly by Canada (0-2). Disgraceful exit beaten down by Nigeria 0 – 8.

Canada – were not able to get past Nigeria (2-3) while beating Finland easily (0-2). They lost their last game against China 0 – 1.

Group C

Korea – leads all teams in Group C by wins against Germany (2-0) and Switzerland (4-0). They won 4 – 0 against Mexico.

Germany – beaten by Korea (0-2) came back with a demolition job against Mexico (9-1). Demolished Switzerland 6 – 0.

Mexico – After their convincing win against Switzerland (4-2) they were taught by Germany how to play the game with a horrible loss of (1-9). Lost against Korea in their last game 0 – 4.

Switzerland – is in the cellar of the ranking by getting beaten by Mexico (2-4) and by Korea (0-4). Lost against Germany 0 – 6.

Group D

France – remains to be the top favorite by winning against Argentina (5-0) and Congo (1-0).

USA – Tied with France they have beaten both Argentina (4-1) and Congo (2-1). The tie with France shall be broken on August 24 when the two team meet.

Congo – losses to both France (0-1) and USA (1-2). They put up a good fight but could not finish the game and are looking to get past Argentina.

Argentina – they have suffered big losses against USA (1-4) and France (0-5) and do not look good against Congo.

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