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French World Cup TeamDo you like the new look of the French team? futursimple‘s excitement left him creating his own version of Team Zizou. In an excerpt of his team Zizou postyes, i know, it’s an ms paint hacky hack. i have zero photoshop skills, ok? and such urgent ideas don’t want to wait for me to get over the arguably steep PS learning curve…so while you wait for the professionally done version.

Football is an amazing sport, but what’s more amazing are the fans who pour in so much excitement, passion, love, etc. on it. How many sports would you see children crying over the loss of their team, or fans going out of their way to body paint themselves in the tune of their country’s flag, or chant and cheer relentlessly throughout the game?

For all ages, gender, nationality, etc. the world participates and pours their love to the greatest sporting event in the world — FIFA World Cup.

Feel free to share your thoughts, participation, experience or even your loneliness; and we’ll post these for the world to see. You can either send them at or use the comment facility linked from every bottom of the post.


  1. Il Portogallo ha giocato molto migliore che la Francia, l’arbitro era del lato della Francia era unjust con il Portogallo, la I capisce che il Portogallo è povero e la Francia è ricca, la Francia dov-nella pena due, almeno l’altoparlante detto che una sfera toccata in un giocatore francese e nel figlio del puta dell’arbitro non ha contato, solo fatto li difetta di ed erano arrivato dietro al gioco non sono giuste ed esso non ne non abbiamo avuti, che non fosse pena, gay del francese dell’addestratore e un giocatore detto che dissimulated la fucilazione se il terreno, ad esempio la verità, ma di questo tempo non noi dissimulate Francia imit-e l’arbitro era in cantiga di loro, nel figlio del puta del giocatore francese soltanto in insultato in loro e l’asino dice che non gradisce che un addestratore dell’altro dota parla del relativo dota, riconosce che la Francia non ha giocato niente, solo era valido che un golo con poco sforzo, il veleno messo francese dell’addestratore soltanto a carta vetrata, che l’Italia guadagna, forza del Portogallo è del relativo lato. Ha soltanto più una certa cosa una dei giocatori e dell’addestratore temuti o ha criticato che lui lo spariamo al terreno, quindi deve criticare quando giochiamo con la Francia, io sempre aggiunge rubato, deve avere un patto fra la Francia e l’arbitro.

    P.S.: sul gioco dell’Inghilterra, Ronaldo non ha insistito con il árbito che il roney era banishes, il roney è che lo ha spinto ed ha preso la scheda rossa.

  2. hello. Portugal_frança, celui si passages ? Est-ce quearbitre, était ivre devrait banit a doit être du Fifa pour aller pour le chômage, coitado la pénalité de elle, il être un certain imbécile, il n’a fait rien, seulement fait manque pour nous (le Portugal) et il ne m’avons-nous pas mérité d’une telle manière, la France qui en a mérité manque et elle n’a fait rien, je décide qu’il était du côté de la France et contre nous, c’est une honte, doit avoir la honte dans fait face à sa prostituée, selon le haut-parleur de la télévision, un des joueurs français pendant le jeu touché dans la boule et il n’était pas pénalité ? que l’Uruguayan est ceci doit être apanhado du climat, seulement doit être fou des cornos mais bientôt ce qui s’il doit faire, semble qu’il ne nous aime pas était un jeu par l’injuste et de jambes pour l’air, que nous devons voir tient le premier rôle autant de parvoíce. L’arbitre n’est pas parti pour échapper à un nous et aux Français il a échappé à beaucoup de chose, il lui a passé les mains, il était ami de elles, je constate qu’il a le gay d’amour entre l’arbitre et l’entraîneur français, donc le Français de garçons (joueurs) demandé moi le décide pour avoir la pénalité des joueurs français, et pour nous vieillis la pénalité que le joueur n’est pas devenue confus et la prostituée d’entraîneur du poison français donc à être pénalité, l’Uruguayan pardon-dans celle d’une pénalité et au joueur français qui est allé lui donner une carte jaune n’a pas pardonné. au revoir

  3. For the benefit of every english speaking readers here is roki’s translation to english (altavista, french to english)

    hello. Portugal_frança, that if passages? _ be this quearbitre, be drunk owe banit A must be some FIFA to go for the unemployment, coitado the penalty of it, it be a certain imbecile, it have do nothing, only do lack for we (the Portugal) and it me have we not deserve of a such manner, the France which in have deserve lack and it have do nothing, I decide that it be some side of France and against we, it be a shame, must have the shame in fact face with its prostitute, according to the loudspeaker of television, one of player French during the play touch in the ball that Uruguayan is this climate must be apanhado, only must be insane cornos but soon what if it must make, seems that it does not like us was a play by the unjust one and of legs for the air, that we must see holds the first role as much of parvoíce. The referee did not leave to escape from us and with the French it has escaped with much thing, it passed the hands to him, it was friendly they, I note that it has the gay of love between the French referee and trainer, therefore the French of boys (players) asked me decides to have the penalty of the French players, and for us age the penalty which the player did not become confused and the prostitute of trainer of the French poison thus to being penalty, Uruguayan forgiveness-in that of a penalty and to the French player which went to give him a yellow chart do not have goodbye

  4. For the benefit of every english speaking readers here is rafael’s comment translation to english (altavista, spanish to english).

    The Portugal has played the much best one than France, the arbitrator was of the side of France was unjust with the Portugal, he understands that the Portugal is poor and France is rich, France dov-nella pain the two, at least said loudspeaker that a sphere touched in a French player and the son of the puta of the arbitrator has not counted, only made them difetta of and had arrived behind the game are not right and it we have not had any, than it was not pain, gay of the French of the trainer and a said player that dissimulated the execution if the land, as an example the truth, but of this time not we the arbitrator was in cantiga of they, in the son of the puta of in the only insulted French player in they and the ass says that it does not appreciate that a trainer of the other equips speaks about the relative one equips, recognizes that France has not played nothing, was only valid that a golo with little effort, the put poison French of the trainer to paper only vetrata, than Italy it earns, force of the Portugal is of the relative side. One of the feared players and the trainer has only more a sure thing or has criticized that he we shoot it to the land, therefore must criticize when we play with France, I always adds stolen, must have a pact between France and the arbitrator. P.S.: on the game of England, Ronaldo it has not insistito with the árbito one that the roney it was banishes, the roney it is that it has pushed and it taken it the card red.

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