You Can Burn the Referees!

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Are you satisfied with the Referees’ performance in the World Cup? Even the best referees like Markus Merks is being criticized on the outcome of Brazil – Australia game wherein free kick total was 25 – 9 in favor of the reigning champions. Help FIFA know who are the best performing and worst performing refs by logging in and casting your vote at Rate the Ref which gives you a way to get back at them and at the same time improve the officiating.

If you are Australia, I am sure you would want to go there right away and cast your lowest vote. If you’re Brazil, you would not care a bit; but still you have to ensure your refs will be officiating so go ahead and give them especially Markus the highest rating.

Don’t miss the deadline for the first round as their site wrote:

Please make sure all of your first round ratings are in by the Friday the 23rd of June
As we will be sending the first round results to FIFA

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