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IPCrunch Put those vuvuzelas away, here comes FIFA –… 36 minutes ago from The IPKat – Passionate about… – Comment – Like The IPKat has been reading with concern of the latest developments in South Africa, drawn to his attention by Dan Guildford. In “Scramble for sponsorship in 2010”, popular football magazine When Saturday Comes (a.k.a. WSC) gives an account of the sad life and times of FIFA in its attempts to ensure that only official sponsors may advertise and promote their brands at the forthcoming soccer World Cup. Their treatment of non-sponsor Kulula Airlines seems particularly harsh. According to WSC: “FIFA say that the company, known for their quirky adverts, had sought “to gain a promotional benefit by creating an unauthorised association with the 2010 FIFA World Cup”. The Kulula advertisement used the national flag, footballs, and plastic vuvuzela trumpets, and according to FIFA it is the “combined use of these elements” which is banned. Kulula’s response to the ban has been dignified and hilarious. They initially withdrew the offensive adverts and said: “We’re surprised at this FIFA complaint… – Arne Krueger

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