Match & Result: Ghana vs Australia (19 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Ghana vs Australia (19 Jun 2010)Winner: Draw
Score: Ghana(1) vs Australia(1)
11′ Holman (Australia)
25′ Gyan (Ghana)


Australia came in to the game demoralized after they were demolished by Germany 4 goals to none and things got worse when Serbia beat Germany.

Australia quickly got their confidence back when they scored the first goal just 11 minutes after kick-off.

Ghana equalized on the 25th minute and both teams were able to hold their own on defense to finish with a draw.

Key Takeaway

Australia is still alive going to the next round and they need to beat Serbia to stay in their group stage and get to the final 16 teams.

You can view videos of the match here — Videos: Ghana vs Australia (19 Jun 2010)

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