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FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Goals

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This page would be updated to include all goals scored in FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa.

Match & Result: USA vs Algeria (23 Jun 2010)
90′ + 1 DONOVAN (USA)

Match & Result: Slovenia vs England (23 Jun 2010)
23′ DEFOE (England)

Liveblogging: Ghana vs Germany (23 Jun 2010)
60′ Mesut OEZIL (Germany)

Liveblogging: Australia vs Serbia (23 Jun 2010)
84′ PANTELIC (Serbia)
73′ HOLMAN (Australia)
69′ CAHILL (Australia)

Tshabalala Scores the First Goal for FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

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Tshabalala has scored the first goal for FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa on a breakaway run on the 55′.

Liveblogging underway – Liveblogging: South Africa vs Mexico (11 Jun 2010)

Brazil Wins Copa America 2007 Thru Well Planned Tactics

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Brazil wins Copa America 2007 Argentina lost to Brazil in 2004 via penalties. Argentina came to the finals with vengeance in their eyes looking to crush Brazil. People expected Argentina to win it all. In the end, Argentina went home getting beaten by Brazil.

Brazil was spectacular throughout the game finishing with 3 goals while Argentina never saw the ball behind the net.

Julio Baptisa came up with a back breaker by scoring very early in the game — 4th minute. Argentina captain Roberto Ayala helped Brazil extend the lead by scoring on his own goal before half-time and Brazilian Daniel Alves finishing off Argentina for good.

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