Argentina vs Mexico

Match & Result: Argentina vs Mexico (27 Jun 2010)

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Match & Result: Argentina vs Mexico (27 Jun 2010)Winner: Argentina
Score: Argentina(3) vs Mexico(1)
71′ Hernandez
26′, 52′ Tevez
33′ Higuain


Argentina was fluid in their offense and plays anchored on Lionel Messi. They are showing how fluid they can get on the field and Mexico was young enough to run with Argentina but they didn’t have the experience to keep up.

Argentina scored three goals to one via Tevez with two goals and Higuain who had a hat trick in the group stage.

Key Takeaway

Argentina is coming along just well and their consistency will shine and get them deeper in the tournament. They would be playing against Germany in the quarterfinals and they are expecting to eliminate Germany again.

You can view all game videos here — Videos: Argentina vs Mexico (21 Jun 2010)

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Results (2nd Stage): Argentina vs Mexico

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I missed my prediction for this game where Mexico was supposed to win.

Judging by the way the two teams played it could have gone either way that saw Maxi Rodriguez scoring on a left-footed shot on the 98th minute.

It was a close game which started with flare as captain Marquez scored the first goal of the game on the 6th minute followed by a controversial goal from Crespo of Argentina in the 10th minute wherein Jared Borgetti of Mexico seemed to have headed the ball towards the back of the net.

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Preview (2nd Stage): Argentina vs Mexico

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FIFA World Cup ArgentinaArgentina is far better than anyone expected or gauged prior to the tournament. They have been scoring at will and their young lineup which includes Lionel Messi is showing enormous aggresiveness in attack, and a rampage during the group stage. With a draw and two wins which includes a 6 goal output in one of them, people deep inside are expecting a string of shots and goals scored in the tournament.

A tricky opponent is when your against a birthday celebrant — Juan Riquelme.

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