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Ronaldinho is bitter in World Cup Loss & Snubs Zidane

Can you just imagine the media frenzy that exploded right after Zidane’s headbutt followed by the world talking about the incident for both football and non-football fans alike? His headbutt move is found everywhere from televisions, posters, screensavers, pop-ups even in non-football forums where users use a gif photo showing his headbutt move as their… Keep Reading

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Women’s 2006 is Graced by Beautiful and Foxy Alissa

Women’s World Championship in Russia will start in less than two weeks and it would not be complete without a mascot, wouldn’t it? The mascot is a little fox named Alissa, who fits well with the young women footballers, as the mascot represents beauty, intelligence, speed and craftiness. The little fox is a very popular… Keep Reading

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Carlos Parreira is Happy to Land a Job

Carlos Alberto Parreira is definitely all smiles after he signed a four-year deal to coach South Africa in World Cup 2010. This is definitely a better job than what was first offered to him — manage World Cup Finals of 2010. There is no glory in acting as administrator of the greatest sport in the… Keep Reading

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Now Brazil has More Excuses than Results

Dunga remained true to his word that local players shall be given a chance for a slot on Brazil National Team which was traditionally reserved for European players by leaving out Ronaldinho, Adriano, Kaka and Ronaldo, Cafu and Emerson; the only players chosen from World Cup 2006 squad were Cicinho, Fred, Gilberto, Gilberto Silva, Juan,… Keep Reading

Ariel Ortega vs Jamaica(2nd goal)
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Watch – Ariel Ortega vs Jamaica(2nd goal)

Sporati on FIFA World Cup 1998’s video summary and description Argentina vs Jamaica, world cup 98. Ortega’s 2nd goal against Jamaica. Video information This FIFA World Cup 1998’s video is titled Ariel Ortega vs Jamaica(2nd goal) and credited to Ardian Tahiri. Viewing time is 00:00:08, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans! Keep Reading

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