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World Cup Team and Standings

The World Cup grouping has already been finalized for quite sometime already. But still, I thought of coming up with a picture that would show the killer draw for some, fair for others and wonderful for a selected few. The data is found below. I have also put the current world rankings of each respective… Keep Reading

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World Cup Cancelled?

Among the negative news we have received from the resignation of the England’s coach to Ronaldo’s injury the possible cancellation of the World Cup is by far the most frightening. It has been reported that a deadly bird flu virus is said to have made it in the north of the country — Rugen that… Keep Reading

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20: England will Win World Cup

The twenty year old Manchester United striker is confident England will win World Cup 2006 in Germany banking on their 3-2 friendly games win over Argentina. His statements published in soccernet espn are bold and precise — ‘Of course we are going to win the World Cup,’ Rooney told The Sun. ‘We are all really… Keep Reading

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‘…stick together,’ insists Beckham

England captain David Beckham wants the focus to be back to the World Cup and put aside whatever distraction coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has brought because of his departure after the World Cup. ‘The most important thing is we move on from this. For two weeks it’s been a circus and the focus has been taken… Keep Reading

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Brazil topples England in World Cup

Brazil winning over England in World Cup 2006 is the prediction of three time World Cup winner Pele. He argues that Brazil has got two teams and losing any player is irrelevant. Both Italy and England on the other hand need to have the players from start to finish if they are to capture the… Keep Reading

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Coca Cola’s Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour

Over a 3 month period from January 7 to April 10 Coca-Cola shall tour the hottest football spots in the world to bring and show the FIFA World Cup Trophyâ„¢. From the start of 2006 the tour shall begin in Accra, Ghana and finish up in Italy by way of London, Rio, Port of Spain,… Keep Reading

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Profile: Kaka, Brazil’s Finest Discovery

Kaka is standing out amongst the talented pool of football players in Brazil. According to Pele Kaka is very skillful and already one of the best players in the world. Ricardo Izecson Santos Leite, Kaka’s real name, despite being only 22 years old has already propelled fellow countryman Rivaldo towards the exit door, has relegated… Keep Reading

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World Cup 2006 Scheduled Matches

Group A June 9 (Friday) Costa Rica vs Germany at Munich Poland vs. Ecuador at Gelsenkirchen June 14 (Wednesday) Poland vs Germany at Dortmund June 15 (Thursday) Ecuador vs. Costa Rica at Hamburg June 20 (Tuesday) Ecuador vs Germany at Berlin Costa Rica vs. Poland at Hanover Keep Reading

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Ronaldo: Deadliest Striker on his Injury

The deadliest striker in the world and Brazilian legend says about his injury: “These things happen in football,” he said. “If I was a lawyer, this sort of thing wouldn’t occur. What I need now is a change of luck.” Ronaldo has a torn right calf muscle, which he suffered in the first half match… Keep Reading

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Africa’s Extra Place in World Cup

Africa will have five countries representing them in June for World Cup 2006 namely Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Tunisia and Togo. They are also hosting the next World Cup in four years time. Fifa President Sepp Blatter preferred to have an extra place for the host instead of having one of the five countries today… Keep Reading

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