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Argentina video on: Nintendo World Cup: Argentina vs. W. Germany – First Half

Nintendo World Cup: Argentina vs. W. Germany - First Half This is a video of me playing the final match of Nintendo World Cup (NWC) as Argentina. I used save states and re-recording, and my primary goal was to score in as many unique ways as possible. Another goal was to complete the match without any of my teammates getting injured. Although it uses TAS techniques, this movie is more of a playaround, since the length of each match is fixed. Feel free to let me know of any other ways to score or of any other NWC movies you would like to see. See for more information about the techniques used to make tool-assisted videos. You can see the second half of the match at From: Dacicus Views: 23261 43 ratings Time: 07:52 More in Entertainment Keep Reading

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Brazil video on: Curitiba, Brazil: FIFA World Cup 2014

Curitiba, Brazil: FIFA World Cup 2014 The residents of Curitiba live in the best city in the world, and a lot of outsiders agree. Curitiba has 17 new parks, 90 miles of bike paths, trees everywhere, and traffic and garbage systems that officials from other cities come to study. Curitiba's mayor for 12 years, Jaime Lerner, has a 92 percent approval rating. From: webmotiva Views: 48862 130 ratings Time: 05:33 More in Travel & Events Keep Reading

World Cup Goal
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Watch – World Cup Goal

Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2002’s video summary and description quarter final match 2002 world cup. Video information This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled World Cup Goal and credited to shenocak35. Viewing time is 00:00:49, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans! Keep Reading

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Big Boos for Alex Ferguson on McLaren

Alex Ferguson and Steve McLaren were old pals as Steve served as Alex’s assistant for two and a half years before leaving for Red Devils; as such, I understand the support Alex is giving Steve. He would not recommend for the replacement of Steve McLaren despite England’s first home loss in a qualifier but would… Keep Reading

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Does Filippo Raciti have to Die Before Stadia are Checked for Security Suitability?

Filippo Raciti is a policeman who died in crowd violence at Sicily’s derby between Catania and Palermo. After the incident officials began checking stadia in Italy to verify their security systems and measures to ensure that games are safe. Bari’s Stadio San Nicola where the qualifier between Scotland and Italy is going to be played… Keep Reading

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