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Germany video on: Pepsi Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 Ad

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FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa – Germany – is blazing the trails, we are here to report happenings to you:

Pepsi Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 Ad Advertisement by pepsi involving reknown players like ronaldhino, roberto carlos, beckham, lampard, henry, and raul.the german people sure know their football reli it! From: pilot190989 Views: 22293 37 ratings Time: 01:01 More in Sports

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Germany:

Germany video on: Pepsi Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 Ad

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Ronaldo Is Axed!

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“Ronaldo Is Axed!” is the headline we should be reading in the coming days. Ronaldo’s star status should no longer be used as a reason to keep him on the field. He is obviously fat and making people sick. I have nothing against him, in fact I like the guy so much and have followed him throughout his career. But looking deeper into my football passion, I came to realize it transcends far more than any one player.

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England’s Hope Ends in Owen

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Michael Owen

This picture tells it all…

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Picture taken from ESPN.

Rooney’s 2000th Goal

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For the first time Wayne Rooney is going to be in the starting lineup of Sven’s squad hoping to get past Sweden as Sven confirmed. He will replace Peter Crouch, who was booked against Paraguay, as Michael Owen’s partner in attack. In today’s game, I have a very strong feeling that Rooney is going to get FIFA’s 2000th point in the England vs Sweden game wherein the goal total is at

The penalty that Fernando Torres struck home to give Spain a 3-1 victory over Tunisia in Stuttgart last night was goal number 1,991. Today’s earlier matched have increased the goal total to 1,997 which means England and Sweden just needs to score three goals to close or surpass the total today.

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The Head Tells it All

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World Cup Hair Only in FIFA World Cup. Need I say anything because I am sure his head tells everything.

Seriously, I am fascinated and in awe on the passion of players, fans and the entire world in football. Only in this game would you see the most creative styles in face, body and different eye popping looks.

Taribo West: This Prodigy-esque effort was as green as the Nigerian flag; what a lovely, proud gesture. Pity it stopped him heading a last-minute equaliser against the Swedes in 2002, eh?

Photograph: David Cannon/Getty.
News from Football Guardian.

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Argentina video on: Argentina v Serbia Montenegro – 2-0 Cambiasso SBS Tyler

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FIFA World Cup 2010 Argentinan info below:

Argentina v Serbia Montenegro – 2-0 Cambiasso SBS Tyler SBS Australian Feed- Martin Tyler This has got to be the best goal so far in WC06 or any world cup or atleast the BEST TEAM GOAL. Martin Tyler later commented that it was the best team goal he has ever commented on! Contains all 24 passes leading up to the goal. Simply outstanding teamwork by Argentina. Players who had posession (in order): Riquelme – Maxi Rodriguez – Sorin – Maxi Rodriguez – Sorin – Mascherano – Riquelme – Heinze – Cambiasso – Mascherano – Maxi Rodriguez – Sorin – Maxi Rodriguez – Cambiasso – Riquelme – Ayala – Sorin – Saviola – Maxi Rodriguez – Saviola – Cambiasso – Crespo – Cambiasso – Back of the net. BEAUTIFUL imranc From: shabbyalonso Views: 433225 519 ratings Time: 01:29 More in Sports

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Argentina:

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Argentina video on: Argentina v Serbia Montenegro – 2-0 Cambiasso SBS Tyler

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Ronaldo Makes Me Sick

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I cannot believe how a talent like Ronaldo would show up overweight in the greatest sporting event in the world. The 1996, 1997 and 2002 World Footballer of the Year was a disgrace in the first game against Croatia with Kaka providing the only goal for the team. Brazil’s below expectation performance and Argentina’s spectacular showing are tipping the scale of the World Cup Finals.

After Sunday’s game Ronaldo was blasted across the Brazilian press with headlines:

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Bruce Wayne Directs

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Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney came to the rescue as if on cue the Bat signal was raised and the hero appears. I would agree with Sven-Goran Eriksson’s decision before the game to keep Wayne Rooney from playing especially against a physical team like Trinidad and Tobago.

The first half ended and the score still tied, T&T are pounding on the drums, the fire is burning and the ritual of slaugthering a sacrifice is going to happen in the second half at the expense of England. With raw power rather than experience, with strength rather than finesse, with killer instincts rather than intelligence; this team is circling the field focus on taking down their opponent and claim their rightful place after 40 painful years of waiting.

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Video: World Cup Song

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Below is a video of Toni Braxton and II Divo singing the World Cup song titled “The Time Of Our Lives” at the opening festivities held at Munich Stadium.

An excellent performance by the two stars making us feel and heightening the euphoria surrounding the greatest sporting event in the world. This is truly a time in the lives of players, coaches, fans and the whole world.

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German Pride!

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Michael Ballack When the SEA Games was held here in our country around 15 years ago (give or take) the team finished second place in gold medal tally (something that never happened again). They were performing way beyond expectations and the whole country united and very was excited throughout the event. I was around 12 years old by that time and I could not explain the feeling that occured in out nation.

With over 28 billion fans watching in aggregation for 2006 World Cup; I can’t imagine the feeling happening in Germany right now. Furthermore, I could not imagine the feeling of Michael Ballack who undoubtedly will lead the Germany assault. The fans are the 12th man of Germany who is expected to fire this squad beyond proportions.

Michael Ballacks’ high intensity emotion filled style of play will raise the bar amongst his teamates all determined to win in front of their country. They will not allow themselves to lose and will muster every ounce of power and energy boosted quadrillion times by their teamate sitting on the stands.

They do not have the same level of talent as they did in the previous World Cups but their fighting spirit, focus, adrenaline and most importantly — German Pride will take them a long long way.

If this squad reaches the final 8 and with all the players still in healthy condition; the rest of their opponents will have a very difficult time. The hearts’ of German players will continously pound on a positive note as the deafening uproar of the crow will never cease it’s support while the opponents hearts’ will equally pound on negative tone. The Brazilian feast will no longer happen; crushed by a player name “German Pride”.

If this squad wins the World Cup there will be hysteria, madness, unmatched celebration with all the beers flooding the streets. No one could ever find the words to explain the feeling of being a German.

No one could every explain how Michael would feel especially if comes up with a great performance en route to the FIFA World Cup Finals.

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