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Match Survey: South Africa vs Mexico (11 Jun 2010)

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This is the placeholder page for the FIFA World Cup match survey between South Africa vs Mexico scheduled on June 11, 2010.

We will update this after game time. For the meantime, proceed to FIFA World Cup for the latest news, information, pictures, videos.

Poll Results: Who’ll win Women’s World Championship in Russia 2006?

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We run a poll on the quarterfinals of the FIFA U-2o Women’s World Championship. The question run was Who’ll win Women’s World Championship in Russia 2006?

The choice of answers were: Russia, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Korea DPR, Germany, France, USA

The Poll results are as follows:

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Poll Results: Should Klinsmann Coach U.S.?

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Jurgen KlinsmannIt has been quite long since we started polls on whether Klinsmann should coach US since reports speculate that he seems to target the country as his next job. The question run was Should Klinsmann Coach U.S.? (I apologize for the delay in releasing the poll results.)

The choice of answers were: Oh Yes, Hell No, Why would he even consider? and Neutral

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Poll Results: Zidane’s Headbutt

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Poll Results: Zinedine Zidane's HeadbuttRecently we run a poll here at Sporati on Zidane’s headbutt. The question run was Do you approve of Zidane’s Headbutt?

The choice of answers were: Oh Yes, Hell No and Neutralc

Prior to my post on World Deserves Zidane’s Headbutt it was clear people voted “Hell No” but after my post on this topic the numbers were game were turned around. I am not sure if it has anything to do with my post or a simultaneous news circulation of the insult handed out by Materrazi to Zidane.

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French New Look

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French World Cup TeamDo you like the new look of the French team? futursimple‘s excitement left him creating his own version of Team Zizou. In an excerpt of his team Zizou postyes, i know, it’s an ms paint hacky hack. i have zero photoshop skills, ok? and such urgent ideas don’t want to wait for me to get over the arguably steep PS learning curve…so while you wait for the professionally done version.

Football is an amazing sport, but what’s more amazing are the fans who pour in so much excitement, passion, love, etc. on it. How many sports would you see children crying over the loss of their team, or fans going out of their way to body paint themselves in the tune of their country’s flag, or chant and cheer relentlessly throughout the game?

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How Deep is your Love?

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Football fans is an exceptionally different breed of people.

I find it quite unique in the way fans love, defend and stand by their teams. The football forums and communities I have joined always had violent people who behaved like barbarians. Their love is unquestionable to the extent that they put their education, integrity, credibility, etc. on the line just to defend their heart’s desire.

I always wanted it addressed differently — with respect and love; but I know deep inside that it just isn’t going to happen for a culture deeply embedded in the core of the sport.

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