Liveblogging: Brazil vs Korea DPR (15 Jun 2010)

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Liveblogging: Brazil vs Korea DPR (15 Jun 2010)Brazil (2) vs Korea DPR (1)
55′ Maicon, Brazil (1)
72′ Elano, Brazil (1)
89′ J. Yun Nam, Korea DPR (1)

Winner: Brazil (2)

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

90′ Game done, Korea fights until the end
89′ KOREA SCORES. J. Yun Nam
88′ Almost no yellow card. Ramires is booked.
World Cup goal by Maicon here — Goal by Maicon
78′ Brazil making substitution, feeling confident already
74′ Brazil still controlling posession
70′ Clean game so far, no yellow cards yet
70′ Free kick from Brazil
67′ P. Chol Jin (Korea DPR) commits a fould
66′ Ji Yun-nam shot wide from long range
63′ Luis Fabiano very close to scoring another goal via a counter attach. Shoot way over the goal.
60′ Brazil pushing once again, Kaka, Robinho exchanging passes
58′ Exchange of posessions
55′ Maicon scores
54′ Free kick by Korea but was deflected by Kaka, Brazil pushing on Korea place.
54′ Korea pushed to the box but could not convert.
53′ Robinho gets another shot on the goal on the same area as his previous free kick and the shot was left wide again.
51′ Free kickfrom top of the box by Brazil, Robinho shot left wide.
47′ Luis Fabiano couldn’t get the pass from Maicon
46′ Second half is on the way.
45′ Milo: Oops, didn’t notice I put 1 on Korea’s scoreboard, clearing it out.
45′ Half-time, flashy players of Brazil failed to score
44′ Felipe Melo passing to M. Bastos from left side but Brazil shoots wide to the right
43′ A corner kick could not convert, Brazil hasn’t lost an opening game since 1934 against Spain.
42′ Another corner for Brazil, 3rd for the night
41′ Robinho fancy moves from the left, shoots off target. Hits side of net.
40′ Brazil has possession from midfield
40′ Kaka crosses from right side, Korea defends and ends up at top of box to Felipe Melo who shoots way above target
39′ Brazil setting up midfield
39′ Korea offside
37′ Brazil has possession but could not get through. Korea defends and counterattacks.
36′ Korea defense R. Kwang Chon solid
35′ M. Bastos (Brazil) shoots with a left foot, P. Chol Jin deflects it.
34′ Luis Fabiano flies off for a header but Korea staying there on defense
34′ Brazil attacking with Kaka, Korea wall of defense gritty
31′ Korea’s corner kick could not get a header, sets up and H. Yong Jo shoots at top of the center box. A little of left.
29′ Korea counterattack, Lucio challenges, corner kick for Korea
29′ Brazil setting up midfield, patient for an attack
27′ J. Tae Se is injured, down on the floor
26′ Maicon shot and saved by Korean goalkeeper. Corner kick by Brazil
26′ Brazil being patient with crisp passing, and now attacking.
25′ Brazil setting up midfield
24′ Korea on a counterattack, speeding up.
23′ Brazil setting up at midfield
23′ L. Fabiano (Brazil) commits a foul.
21′ Crisp passing from L. Fabiano and Robinho being displayed. Korea staying there.
21′ Robinho is at it again. A save by R. Myong (Korea DPR). Korean goalkeeper showing hot skills.
20′ This is as easy as I thought Brazil would dispose of Korea
18′ Korea DPR unexpectedly going head to head against Brazil
17′ Another shot by C. Jong Hyok of Korea DPR. Another off target.
16′ M. In Guk (Korea DPR) shot blocked
14′ Free kick by H. Yong Jo on a challenge by Juan of Brazil
13′ Elano (Brazil) shoots, great save by R. Myong Guk (Korea DPR)
12′ Another shot by J. Tae Se shoots it up. Great save by Julio Cesar (Brazil)
11′ Its Korea’s turn for a shot, J. Tae Se shoots it up. Great save by Julio Cesar (Brazil)
10′ M. Bastos from Brazil hit off target
09′ Brazil M. Bastos just off target on another shot at the goal
08′ Korean defense sucks, Brazil just penetrating with ease
07′ Robinho (Brazil), its his turn for a shot
07′ Brazil is hot as Elano kick for a shot, off target
00′ Kicked off for the match
-14′ Game would start in 14 minutes

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