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FIFA World Cup breaking report on Denmark follows:

Denmark qualified for this edition of the World Cup with minimal fuss. Paired with the more talented Sweden and a Portugal side led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Denmark were expected to quietly accept their place as the third best team in the pool. Morten …

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Denmark:

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Denmark News / Denmark NewsDenmark NewsDenmark NewsDenmark News: 2010 World Cup: Denmark’s Five Greatest World Cup … – Bleacherreport.com

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Blog on: PeterL: World Cup Team Preview – Portugal

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PeterL World Cup Team Preview – Portugal – http://soccer-portal.org/cat… 1 hour ago from Soccer Portal – Comment – Like Portugal had a bumpy ride on the road to South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. They narrowly escaped from the jaws of elimination by finishing second behind Denmark in their European zone qualifying group, one point ahead of third-placed Sweden, and earned a lifeline in the form of an extra round of play-off. The Portuguese registered 1-0 wins both home and away against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the play-off and booked their tickets for South Africa. It’s a bit shady for a big-named country like Portugal about the fact Read more… – PeterL

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Blog on: PeterL: World Cup Team Preview – Portugal

Results (2nd Stage): Germany vs Sweden

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Lukas Podolski Miroslav Klose

Germany asserted their might in the face of Sweden as they outplayed, outgunned, and outscored their opponents 2-0. My predictions were slightly off as Germany was supposed to win 2-0 against Sweden.

Sweden clamped down on Miroslav Klose, the leading goal scorer of the group stage tournament, enroute to fueling both plays to set the stage for Lukas Podolski to shine in their game. On the first goal Miroslav Klose fired a shot at the goal that saw Isaksson deflecting the ball which bounced back toward Podolski’s line firing the ball behind the net as Sweden’s goalkeeper was still lying on the field.

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Swedish Dispute

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Ahmed Bilal over at Soccerlens sent me a post about the what’s going on in the lockeroom of the Sweden national team after their tied game against Trinidad and Tobago.

This is rumor and I would ask you guys to take it as it is. This is the World Cup, emotions are rising to astronomical levels and so stories like this could be true.

In an excerpt of the story found here:

“It´s not the tactics, it´s the lack of creativity that denies us the goal”, Mellberg says as he looks at Ljungberg.

The Swedish captain is just about to walk pass Freddy to the right (seen from the door) when the Arsenal player “jumps” up and snubs:

“What the f**k are you trying to say with that? Perhaps you should think about your own game and keep the ball simple by the ‘wings’ instead of your ‘balloonshots’.”

I would not be surprised at all if this players have some misunderstanding after a loss. I just hope they sort it out pretty quick and get their acts together because the tied game against T&T does not look good going into their next matches.

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Video: Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden

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Date Played: June 10, 2006 (Group Stage)

Below is a video of the FIFA World Cup 2006 game between Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden wherein no goals were made. Trinidad & Tobago celebrates the draw especially when this is their first time in the World Cup. People are expecting Sweden to win this game easily against them. The video shows saved shots by both teams including chances where both teams almost scored.

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Sweden Eyes on Opponents

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Lyth, one of the scouts, told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet how important it was to see their opponents play live.

England, Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago will be followed by Sweden’s three man team — Lyth, Goransson and Lenartsson.

What’s new?

All teams have scouts and that cancels everything else. Well, at least you get to do your homework. Who knows who among the scouts are enjoying their vacation and miss the important aspects of the game played?

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