Poll Results: Should Klinsmann Coach U.S.?

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Jurgen KlinsmannIt has been quite long since we started polls on whether Klinsmann should coach US since reports speculate that he seems to target the country as his next job. The question run was Should Klinsmann Coach U.S.? (I apologize for the delay in releasing the poll results.)

The choice of answers were: Oh Yes, Hell No, Why would he even consider? and Neutral

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Klinsmann Targets USA

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Jurgen KlinsmannThe word is out that Jurgen Klinsmann who revolutionized Germany’s style of play is leaving Germany and assistant coach Joachim Loew is taking over. Loew is the closest coach Germany could get if they want to continue their fast attacking style Jurgen put in place. And to reinforce the decision Loew is promised to continue with Klinsmann’s style and says: That’s the only way we can achieve a lasting place among the very best in the world.

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