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Liveblogging: Algeria vs Slovenia (13 Jun 2010)

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Algeria (0) vs Slovenia (1)

Slovenia wins 1-0

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

Both teams exchanged possessions until the end of the game. Slovenia won to the dismay of England and USA.
73′ Abdelkader Ghezzal red card for stupid confrontation of referee after given a yellow card for using hand
66′ Algeria getting more possession time than Slovenia, but still boring overall
64′ Slovenia on track on getting their third draw at international tournament, losing four. no wins.
62′ Slovenia shoots Koren, very far above the goal
60′ Shot on goal by Slovenia–KIRM, saved by Algeria–CHAOUCHI, lacked striker finishing skill
59′ Ghezzal (Algeria) Yellow Card
58′ Ghezzal comes in to replace Djebbour (Algeria)
57′ Foul Brecko (Slovenia)
56′ Handanovic (Slovenia) saves
55′ Shot on goal by Yebda (Algeria) saved
52′ Slovenia attacking a shot on the goal way way far on top
50′ Karim Ziani shot from afar, no chance of going in. Really stupid
49′ Both side doesn’t look like they want to win, they are looking for a draw. much to the delight of England, USA
Second half underway
Half Time
45′ 1 minute added
44′ Slovenia finding crackdown in defense of Algeria
44′ Birsa another shot from the top of the box, wide right
44′ Ziani intercepts, Slovenia gets it back
43′ Slovenia attacking, setting up play
43′ Brilliant save by Chaouchi (Algeria)
43′ Birsa with a brilliant shot from top of the box (Birsa)
42′ Dedic (Slovenia) free-kick
39′ Kadir (Algeria) offside
35′ Belhadj (Algeria) takes a corner
34′ Yellow card for Slovenia (Radosavljevic)
34′ Breakaway by Slovenia results in nothing
32′ Boring exchange of posessions
31′ Belhadj free kick (Algeria)
27′ Djebbour (Algeria) foul
25′ Dedic of Slovenia offside
23′ Radosavljevic (Slovenia) penalised
21′ Chaouchi (Algeria) saves it
21′ Birsa free-kick
20′ Slovenia free kick
19′ Karim Ziani could have setup a good pass to streaking Karim Matmour, missed chance. Ziani overhits the pass
16′ Kadir (Algeria) gives up a free-kick on a challenge by Jokic (Slovenia)
15′ Koren (Slovenia) shot blocked
14′ Matmour could shoot the ball despite clear sight of the goal
14′ Slovenia and Algeria contesting possession on midfield
11′ Slovenia on a breakaway, could not complete
09′ Matmour from Algeria Offside
08′ Algeria on the attack
07′ Rafik overhits the pass from Karim Matmour
04′ Algeria with possession again, they are controlling the game early on
03′ Great save by Slovenia goalkeeper
03′ Algeria almost scores on a free kick from on top of the box
00′ Ball is live, Algeria with possession
00′ Lineup being announced
00′ Welcome to liveblogging of FIFA World Cup – Algeria vs Slovenia (13 Jun 2010)

Liveblogging: England vs USA (12 Jun 2010)

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England (1) vs USA (1)

Draw, each team gets 1 point each.

Thanks for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

90′ Possession changes. Crouch offside.
88′ Donovan almost got his 43rd international goal. But not today.
82′ England pushing but it seems their legs are tired.
79′ Crouch comes in for Heskey, just about time. Heskey had so many chances.
76′ Los Angeles Galaxy Buddle gets in for Findley
76′ Heskey header off Gerrard cross way over the top
75′ Howard another stop from Rooney flick of left boot
75′ Rooney passing to Wright-Phillips, Howard with a save. 24 shots on goal. One goal would make it sooner or later.
74′ Rooney shot on goal, just a little off the right, swerved ball
73′ Findley Yellow Card
73′ Johnson on a volley but no one to catch
70′ Gerrard cross, awkward angle, Rooney misses header
70′ England passing on top of the box, Lennon, Rooney, Wright-Philipps but could not get a shot
68′ Lampard kick from top of the box way over the bard
67′ Johnson returns back, Lampard freekick
64′ Altidore breathaking push on breakaway, just couldn’t score.
63′ Highlight: Frank Lampard shot on goal, should have made it. Good save by Howard.
51′ Highlight: Heskey should have scored on that breakaway but drove it straight to Howard, easy save. A floater would have done it.
50′ Rooney on breakaway could have scored but was offside.
50′ Still no substitution for USA, England already had 2
49′ Johnson with a cross but failed goal.
48′ Lennon attacked the box but a pass to Rooney was way off. Could have been a goal.
46′ Info: Terry has six goals for England while Lampard has 20
46′ England Terry with a backheader over the goal
Second half underway
45′ Altidore hustles Terry, gets throw in for USA
45′ England offside, 3 minutes added
44′ England attacking on the box
41′ GOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL, Dempsey equalises, Goal 19 for Dempsey in international career
39′ Howard doesn’t seem injured he just kicked the ball towards the end of the England goal,
38′ Free kick England, Yellow card on USA Cherundulo
38′ Donovan shot on top of the goal but missed towards left, inches away
37′ Wright-Philipps (England) shot another one on goal on top of the box. Missed inches
36′ USA has 6 to 5 advantage on shots on goal, but England got one in
35′ Altidore handball, England setting up play
34′ Corner didn’t produce for England, USA made a fast attack but six England players defended back up
34′ England setting up play just outside the box, Lampard spins away, England corner
28′ England two chances to score. Howard injured.
27′ England on a breakaway, but could not execute
26′ USA lines up player for free kick by Donovan. Header just wide
25′ Yellow Card England, James Milner
25′ Dempsey had another shot at the goal but Terry deflects
24′ England attacking almost a goal but Lennon gets the ball
24′ Crisp passing by USA fueled by Bradley stopped by Ledley
23′ USA gets ball, Donovan sets up play
23′ Johnson and Lampard from England passing ball
22′ USA gets possession back, Donovan setting up play
21′ Ashley Cole winning cap 79
21′ Bradley goes right
21′ USA attacking
19′ Rooney had a clear shot, Lennon gets it
19′ England almost scores, Lampard follows up but goalkeeper catches
18′ Capello angry
18′ Donovan’s cross missed on a header
17’50” Free kick US
17′ This is Terry’s 61st game as a leader
17′ Terry gets a free kick
16′ England possession passing the ball around
13′ US corner courtesy of Gerrard against Donovan
11′ Donovan’s corner deflected by Ledley King
04′ Fastest FIFA World Cup South Africa Goal
04′ Steven Gerrard scores a goal for England
01′ Go, go, go
Match kicks off

Liveblogging: South Africa vs Mexico (11 Jun 2010)

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Thanks you for joining me. Hope to see you again in the next game, LivebloggingMilo.

South Africa (1) vs Mexico (1)

94′ Time stoppage
89′ MPhela had a chance to score another goal. Hit the post.
88′ Blanco left shot goal from top of the box deflected
88′ Mexico pushing to score another one. Hernandez and Blanco almost had a nice play
85′ Mexico fumbled chances, South Africa failed to push and now Mexico has another chance
— Mexican Blanco setting up play
83′ Parker replaces Pienaar (South Africa)
— Mexico has the ball
80′ O Perez from Mexico saves the shot
— South Africa defense exposed on that goal with 3 Mexicans on formation
79′ Rafael Marquez broke the hearts of South Africa.
— Blanco offside, he looks like his getting a heart attack. 37 yrs old, too old
75′ South Africa killing time with crisp passing
72′ Mexico made a number of changes, J Hernandez replaces G Franco. Last stance by Mexico
70′ Mexico setting up play from midfield
70′ O Perez from Mexico wonderful save
69′ C Blanco, the veteran replaces the young C Vela.
67′ Dikgacoi (South Africa) penalised because of a foul
65′ South Africa on a counterattack but SA failed to score another breakaway chance
— Giovani pressured to come up with a goal for Mexico
63′ Goal by South Africa being replayed, Carlos Parreira jumping up and
63′ Mexican O Perez comes up with his own save.
61′ Khune another spectacular save
— South Africa attacking again
60′ Spectacular save by Khune (South Africa) to deny Giovani with a goal. The Mexican thought the goal was written all over it.
57′ Torrado get yellow card (Mexico)
55′ Mexico (0) – South Africa (1)
55′ Tshabalala scores
— Mexico sets up play in midfield
52′ F Rodriguez (Mexico) penalised of a foul
— Possession goes back to Mexico
— Free kick for South Africa, but lost possession.
— Teams exchanging possession at midfield
48′ Letsholonyane penalised because of a foul (South Africa)
— South Africa has the ball
46′ Masilela repalces Thwala (South Africa)

Recap – half The South Africa 2010 first goal is still being contested. South Africa has pushed the ball and has missed a number of near goal success. Mexico had a goal scored only to be called offside by the referee. That was a good call.

45′ End of the half
— Mexico pushed towards South Africa goal but called offside.
— Rodriguez of Mexico making plays at center field
44′ Mphela almost got the header to the goal, South Africa knocking on that goal
— South Africa on their fourth corner of the game
— South Africa was inches away on a side kick that could have gone it
42′ Gaxa forced that corner kick
42′ South Africa hitting a corner kick
40′ South Africa, Franco, is pushing the ball running towards the goal
— Mexico with a header shot just above the goal
37′ Mexico almost scored a goal but was ruled offside.

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