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Italy video on: World Cup Italy 1990 Tv Opening

World Cup Italy 1990 Tv Opening Wonderful TV Opening for the matches of Fifa World Cup Italy 1990. A soccer ball is jumping through the greatest Italian monuments. (in order: Bologna (Torre degli Asinelli), Milan (Duomo), Florence (David di Michelangelo), Verona (Arena), Agrigento (Tempio della Concordia), Genoa (La Lanterna), Naples (Maschio Angioino), Turin (Mole Antonelliana) and Rome (Colosseo). ------ Download video: ------ Official Songs Italian version: G.Nannini e E. Bennato - Un'estate italiana (also known as "Notti Magiche") International Version: Giorgio Moroder Project - To be number one ------ For the song: From: andrea25 Views: 300228 316 ratings Time: 01:03 More in Sports Keep Reading

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Trinidad & Tobago Captain is Rusty?

Dwight Yorke, team captain of Trinidad & Tobago, will have his final game as a Sydney FC player on Sunday against Central Coast Mariners in Australia’s Grand Final. Yorke said he has two-and-a-half months without a club and without playing competitive football ahead of him. At 34 years old this year’s event is most likely… Keep Reading

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World Cup: More Time = No Artillery

Eriksson argues that FIFA should delay the deadline for the final squad of the World Cup. Soccernet reports: ‘If the date remains at May 15, we could have a situation where a player is really tired or completely out of form. We would not have the ability to change it. ‘It would be very good… Keep Reading

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Profile: Ronaldinho

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, nicknamed Ronaldinho Gaucho, was born on March 21, 1980 in the southern city of Porto Alegre. Known as today’s greatest footballer; this young man is another rags to riches story that rose to international supremacy starting from a poor family and was raised in the dirt road-laced settlements of favelas. His… Keep Reading

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Sooo Ridiculous: Picture Restrictions

Soccernet reports FIFA’s decision on controlling the number of pictures to be taken during the World Cup and published in the internet, newspapers and other medium of communication. In part, the article says: FIFA has banned publication of World Cup photos through the Internet, including on thousands of newspaper web sites, during matches and has… Keep Reading

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World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group H

This is a very interesting group that could prove many predictions wrong. Spain is the highest seeded team on this group at number 6, followed by reigning African champions Tunisia at 28th, Saudi Arabia 32nd and Ukraine at 40th but the progress shown by the last three seeded teams put them toe to toe with… Keep Reading

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World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group G

This group is about redemption and validation of Football status. France 5th, South Korea 29th, Switzerland 36th and Togo 56th will be up against each other to reach the second round. With France trying to avenge their disappointing 2002 showing, and South Korea trying to prove their past performance was no fluke expect a fiery… Keep Reading

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World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group F

This could bring in the biggest upset in the tournament in beating Brazil. Yes, this is the group that features the team ranked number 1 in the world. Croatia 20th, Australia 49th and Japan 15th are far behind than Brazil. Our gut instincts— Brazil Who could beat Brazil at this level of play? Unless a… Keep Reading

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World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group E

Similar to Group C, this group is a draw of death for Italy, Czech and the United States. For some reason each of these team have drawn the short end of the stick and is pitted against each other. They have the right to be in the second round but only one of them is… Keep Reading

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World Cup 2006 Predictions: Group D

This seem to be a strange mix of teams vying to kick out into the next round. We have Mexico as the most experience team with 12 previous appearances, the jinx team in Portugal who have not made it past the first round in the last 40 years, the last ranking team on the tournament… Keep Reading

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