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Uefa Euro 2008 Quarterfinals LiveBlog: Germany vs Portugal

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Uefa Euro 2008 Portugal Fan

Portugal (1) vs Germany (2)

– Petit fires wide open
– Deco freekick
– Cristiano crashes to the ground and seems to be injured
– Ball gien away to Cristiano Ronaldo who surges towards the goal
– Germany attacking the game
– Germany coach just looks on the box because of ban
– Game has started


– Cristiano Ronaldo almost a brilliant effort on a counter from the left side but missed the net
– Podolski attacking from the left side and passing to Ballack who dribbles and gets a clear shot from the left side. Deflected by goalie
– Germany has possession but seems they are slacking a bit
– Nuno is all fired up and he has Portugal back on the game
– Portugal trying to score and tie the game after Germany scores two goals in a four minute span
– Interception by Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo almost a clear shot but misses
– Germany gets it back
– Portugal gets back after Podolski misses
– Germany with a throwin
– Germany now in posession
40 GOAL: Nuno Gomez scores after Cristiano right shot didn’t go in
– Germany attacking but Portugal now with counter on Deco, Simao, Cristiano Ronald and Gomez has…
– Germany gets posession but breakaway stopped by Portugal Pepe
– Portugal has possession
– Pepe with a forearm on the chest to Ballack
– Ballack down
– Germany now attacking
– Cristiano almost a breakaway but was saved
– Portugal Meirelles on a long shot but no luck
– Portugal now has posession
– Ballack setup for Germany
– Cristiano’s long bomb was saved
– Klose offside
– Portugal attacking, Cristiano looking for Gomez but Germany counters
– Germany now in posession, Podolski rushing but Portugal now gets posession
– Portugal regains posession and counters, Cristiano Ronaldo almost scores from the right side but was cleared by German defender
– Germany now in posession of the ball
– Simao almost gets a close shot but was cleared by Germany
– Podolski challenges and Portugal gets free kick
– Deco being challenged from just outside penalty
– Portugal now in posession as Cristiano Ronaldo dribbles from midfield
– Portugal making first half change
– Germany regains posession
– Simao with a corner kick but gets clear and now setting up again
26′ GOAL: Klose scores another Goal for Germany via a header from a free kick from Schweinsteiger
– Yellow card on Petit
– Moutinho hurt from a Ballack tackle. Major blow for Portugal
22′ GOAL: Schweinsteiger scores a GOAL from Podolski pass from the left side
– Germany in posession
– Ronaldo offside
– Portugal from the back setting up play
– Cristiano Ronaldo almost had a breakaway
– Ballack just missed on a header from a corner kick from the right side
– Germany still in posession and is settling for a corner kick
– Deco passing to Gomez
– Germany attacking the net of the left side
– Podolski is handling the ball and looking for teamates, Germany in possession
– Portugal is in possession attacking the net however Cristiano Ronaldo lost the ball
– Germany just lost possession following Simao’s attack on the goal
– Simao almost had a breakaway shooting on the right side of the net
– Ballack is attacking the net
– Portugal is now in control of the ball
– Klose was attacking the net but Portugal quickly got the ball

9′ The game has started with intense action with both teams exchanging shots towards the goal, however, both are still finding their net

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Portugal video on: CRISTIANO RONALDO ~!

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Below is a hot report on FIFA World Cup 2010 – Portugal:

CRISTIANO RONALDO ~! wicked soccer video with wicked music From: thisisthenend12 Views: 413 2 ratings Time: 03:28 More in Sports

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Portugal:

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Portugal video on: CRISTIANO RONALDO ~!

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Germany video on: 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP – Germany vs. Portugal

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The greatest sporting event FIFA World Cup 2010 is here and below is a breaking report on Germany:

2006 FIFA WORLD CUP – Germany vs. Portugal celebrating the 3rd place – Gottlieb Daimler Stadion Stuttgart, 8th July 2006 From: hippieecc Views: 1910 5 ratings Time: 00:24 More in Sports

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Germany:

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Germany video on: 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP – Germany vs. Portugal

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Results (3rd): Germany 3 vs Portugal 1

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Germany World Cup

The crying girl must be all smiles as hundreds of thousands of Germans gathered to watch their 3rd place game against Portugal as if it was a finals game. Germany did not disappoint them anymore with an entertaining win in the score of 3 – 1 in favor of the host nation.

Hours before the celebration multitudes of people gathered in bars, restaurants, pubs, big screen designated places, etc. and even thousands gathered in front of the team’s hotel room to show them they were behind them all the way.

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Results (Semis): France 1 vs Portugal 0

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Germany Italy World Cup

Zidane’s goal is all that matters, another chapter to a decade of greatness.

Few of the greatest athletes in any sport could write a fairy tale story book ending as Zidane is presented with. Few if perhaps none of them came out of retirement to participate in the greatest sporting event in the world and show mastery and dominance across different generations. As such is the greatness of the best midfielder in the last decade and arguably one of the greatest that played the game.

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Preview (Semis): France vs Portugal

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FIFA World Cup FranceFrance is confident they can get to the finals with Zizou playing his usual game and his usual game happens to be an enormous defensive problem for opposing teams.

Zidane’s last game against Brazil proved his age together with Patrick Vieira is an unstoppable combination that brings experiences, composure and leadership to the team. Zidane’s brilliance in the midfield will create a lot of scoring opportunities for them which they hope could be utilized heavily by one of the deadliest strikers in the world — Thierry Henry.

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World Cup Diary: Portugal

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Below is a diary of all games played by Portugal in FIFA World Cup 2006.

Last Updated: June 18, 2006

Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Angola
Scorer/s: Pauleta 4′
Budweiser Man of the Match: Luis Figo

This was not a convincing win for Portugal but a good start nevertheless for a team that had a disastrous opening in FIFA World Cup 2002 and Euro 2004 which they were not able to reverse. The goal came at the 4th minute from Pauleta to secure three points for the team. It was not a great performance but the points matter more.

After scoring the first goal Angola responded by playing hard making Portugal earn possession while the leader on the other hand protected their lone goal until the final minute. Portugal’s early aggresiveness subsided in the second half and relegating themselves into a defensive stance making sure they get the win.

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Video: Angola vs Portugal

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Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)

Below is a video of the FIFA World Cup 2006 game between Angola vs Portugal where Pauleta scored in the 4th minute of the game. This video shows how Portugal has been dependent on Figo most of the time.

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