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Video: Serbia & Montenegro vs Netherlands

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Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)

Below is a video of the FIFA World Cup 2006 game between Serbia & Montenegro vs Netherlands wherein Robben Arjen of Netherlands scored the first and last goal of the match on the 18th minute of the game.

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Liveblog: Angola vs Portugal

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Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)

Angola: 0 Portugal: 1

Not the kind of ending I eexpect. The only goal cae at the 4th minute mark and Portugal wins 1-0.

68′ Pedro Mantorras (ANG) wins a free kcik.

Second half begins wih Portugal still holding on the first half goal.

First half ended…

42′ Paulo Figueiredo (ANG) wins a free kick off Petit’s fould

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Liveblog: Mexico vs Iran

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Date Played: June 11, 2006 (Group Stage)

Mexico: 3 Iran: 1

Mexico wins 3-1.

90′ Match ends..

The Mexican side is so happy in the stadium. They can feel the big win…

Antonio 30 years and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil who is now a naturalized Mexican citizen…

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Video: Germany vs Costa Rica

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Date Played: June 9, 2006 (Group Stage)

It was an explosive opening game between host nation Germany and Costa Rica. It may not be an acid test game but definitely the Germans are ecstatic about the win raising their expectations on their team. 28-year old Miroslav Klose launched two torpedoe bombs that found it’s target. The goal total broke the record for most goals scored in an opening match set in 1930 in France’s 4-1 win over Mexico.

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Germany video on: 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.Ecuador vs Polonia

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FIFA World Cup breaking report on Germany follows:

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.Ecuador vs Polonia Ecuador vs Polonia From: andreyroman Views: 25745 36 ratings Time: 02:27 More in Sports

Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Germany:

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Germany video on: 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.Ecuador vs Polonia

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Liveblog: Poland vs Ecuador

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Date Played: June 9, 2006 (Group Stage)

Poland: 0 Ecuador: 1

I am pretty much sorry guys. My back is aching already and it’s 4 in the morning.

I need to sleep and I will update you soon. Thanks!

The first half ended.

Mora should be given a card by the referee. He talks too much instead of concentration playing.

44′ Mariusz Jop from Poland missed a header from the right

44′ Zurawski shot missed

44′ Zurawski shot missed

43′ Corner kick by Poland that was conceded by Glovany Espinoza

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World Cup Blog Factory

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Soccer I am crazy about football since I scored my first goal at the age of 8 in an intramural game. I was like every kid playing soccer who dream that one day they could make it to the big league. For one, I fantasized of playing in the FIFA World Cup Finals which is not likely to happen anymore.

Anyways, my craziness and love for FIFA World Cup is fulfilled through blogging which is the primary motivation for putting this site up.

My blogging goal is a three fold attach for this month of June.

1. Blog here at Sporati – I want to blog and report as many games as possible here in Sporati. I will do my best to cover all 64 games and report what is happening to them.

2. Sporati – the goal of this site is to serve as a portal to all my sports blogs and at the same time to list and blog about gears, gadgets and equipments all related to sports. And since it is the World Cup I am looking to post a lot of great content in it.

3. Soccerati – this is my player development blog via B5Media and I hope to highlight the high and lows of the soccer players during the Finals.

This seems to be an easy goal but given there are 32 countries, 64 games and over 936 players it is harder than you can imagine. Nevertheless, I will be a blog world cup factory for the next 30 days. Nothing Is Impossible!

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German Pride!

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Michael Ballack When the SEA Games was held here in our country around 15 years ago (give or take) the team finished second place in gold medal tally (something that never happened again). They were performing way beyond expectations and the whole country united and very was excited throughout the event. I was around 12 years old by that time and I could not explain the feeling that occured in out nation.

With over 28 billion fans watching in aggregation for 2006 World Cup; I can’t imagine the feeling happening in Germany right now. Furthermore, I could not imagine the feeling of Michael Ballack who undoubtedly will lead the Germany assault. The fans are the 12th man of Germany who is expected to fire this squad beyond proportions.

Michael Ballacks’ high intensity emotion filled style of play will raise the bar amongst his teamates all determined to win in front of their country. They will not allow themselves to lose and will muster every ounce of power and energy boosted quadrillion times by their teamate sitting on the stands.

They do not have the same level of talent as they did in the previous World Cups but their fighting spirit, focus, adrenaline and most importantly — German Pride will take them a long long way.

If this squad reaches the final 8 and with all the players still in healthy condition; the rest of their opponents will have a very difficult time. The hearts’ of German players will continously pound on a positive note as the deafening uproar of the crow will never cease it’s support while the opponents hearts’ will equally pound on negative tone. The Brazilian feast will no longer happen; crushed by a player name “German Pride”.

If this squad wins the World Cup there will be hysteria, madness, unmatched celebration with all the beers flooding the streets. No one could ever find the words to explain the feeling of being a German.

No one could every explain how Michael would feel especially if comes up with a great performance en route to the FIFA World Cup Finals.

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Grouper Video on: Once in a lifetime MV

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Shinhwa MV for the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Shared by : dettedeleon On: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 Tags:   germany   cup   once   fifa   lifetime   world   shinhwa

The rest is here:
Grouper Video on: Once in a lifetime MV

Heal Rooney Campaign

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People are praying and wishing Wayne Rooney will make it in time for the FIFA World Cup competition especially when they promised Prince Williams the Finals.

I for one would like to see Wayne Rooney because he simply is astounding and a player of his caliber deserve to represent his country in the field and not on casual uniform working as a cheerleader. If Luckott made the history books playing for his country, it is not fair to see Rooney on the bench. Life is not fair and so give us some break and get him there on the field.

Fair enough. His exciting and powerful timely kicks going to the net is needed by a team facing perhaps the strongest Brazil team we have seen in years.

Do you agree? If yes send out your healing message to Wayne Rooney over at Heal Rooney campaign.

C’mon guys, even if you don’t route for England it would be fitting to see your team win or lose against a player like Wayne Rooney. Go and send your healing messages.

More World Cup information (player focused) over at Soccerati.

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