UEFA Champions League Draw LIVE | Ft Parisian Londoner, Big Steve & Lewis

Watch – UEFA Champions League Draw LIVE | Ft Parisian Londoner, Big Steve & Lewis

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UEFA Champions League Draw LIVE | Ft Parisian Londoner & Lewis Big Steve: Lewis: …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA Champions League Draw LIVE | Ft Parisian Londoner, Big Steve & Lewis and credited to Don Robbie. Viewing time is 01:42:28, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. Real Madrid's group was fixed. Can't be possible that a draw happens with the same group consecutively. No wonder why they're changing the format. Privileging the big clubs with the so called "safety net". Disgrace of a competition yet fun to watch. The beautiful ugly game unfortunately.

  2. The disrespect we get when people talk about la liga being finished and all that it amazes me as we are the one of the big three that are the most stable with really no troubles at all. I hope we surprise everyone this season in some way to gain more respect. AupaAtleti???

  3. Atalanta isn't an easy team. They are what y'all think Juventus is. And neither is Villarreal or Young Boys. I won't be surprised if Manchester United finishes 1st or 4th in their group. Anything there is possible.

    Also, Benfica isn't that weak. They are the weakest Portuguese team in the tournament (imo), but they are still strong. Barcelona has at least one strong team to fight for that 2nd place.

  4. Atalanta are not an easy game. you if know you know. they could lose 4-0 to united or to easily play united off the park with their all out attack and intensity. also, How is robbie calling Atalanta easy??? arsenal vs Atalanta 10 times, i am betting on Atalanta 9.5 times out of 10

  5. Robbie saying benfica won't compete because of our shit team last year. Meanwhile we wondering where arsenal is

  6. big Steve holding the biggest L ever. Man City. the most plastic fake club ever. tried to buy legends, can't buy that . go make your own legends !!! fake fans , fake club !!.

  7. Robbie- Everytime "that's a difficult game "
    Generous Me – it's champions league Arsenal are 20 years away

  8. Benfica is much better than last year. It wont be that easy for Barcelona. Benfica knocked out PSV who won 4-0 against Ajax

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