Italy WINS Euro 2020 on PENALTIES vs. England! | Highlights | ESPN FC

Watch – Italy WINS Euro 2020 on PENALTIES vs. England! | Highlights | ESPN FC

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Italy denies England its first major tournament win since the 1966 World Cup as it prevails on penalties. Luke Shaw scores the fastest ever goal in Euro final …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Italy WINS Euro 2020 on PENALTIES vs. England! | Highlights | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:09:43, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. England’s players are actually very down to earth, kinda sorry for them. It’s just the fans I don’t like.

  2. Fun fact England's fans are such a piece of shits they were so mad at saka and harassing him and he is just a 19 year old

  3. I wanted england to win I love England but no their fan base my mom and brother supporting italy since the gk was amazing

  4. England had two opportunities during the entire 120 minutes! Italy completely deserved it, came back after an occasional goal after 1 minute, played in front of 90,000 English fans, and totally dominated the 2nd regular half, keeping England in their half 90 out of 120 minutes. Best team won, nothing to add, no excuses, no finger pointing

  5. Was Saka's nose really itching or was that a sign that he was going right by raising his right arm? Sports are rigged, fixed and scripted.

  6. I’m glad Italy won. The England fans has gotten “Way too far.” – They were super confident going into this. This should give them a price of humble cake. England booed national anthems & trashed stadiums.

  7. This final game along with the winner was predicted by JL from mundo desconocido 1 month before it happened

  8. I think they should’ve put Grealish instead of saka because Grealish is more experienced but Saka has been playing good the whole tournament

  9. Man this was hard i wanted both to win italy hasnt won it and england reallly hasnt won it in a while they both deserved it but glad for italy england is lookin reallly good for world cup

  10. Hard to take Italy seriously after they got dummied by Spain in the semifinal and desperately clung on for penalties. Not the behavior of a champion.

  11. The penalty shootout begins at 6:14. Italy scored on three attempts. England scored on its first two attempts, both by white players. And then all three of its subsequent kickers, all of them blacks, failed to score. One of them couldn't even target the net. So Italy wins and England loses.

  12. Let's do a little more analysis on the penalty shoot-out by which Italy beat England in the Euro 2020 soccer game.

    There were 10 kicks in all. Five kicks by each side. Of those ten kicks, five of them scored. That's half. That's 50%.

    All three of England's black players kicked, but did not score. They all failed. What are the odds that this was random chance?

    Well, (1/2)³ = 1/8, so the odds are one chance in eight that three average English players would all fail to score against the Italian goalie.

    There are, therefore, seven chances in eight that something about those three PARTICULAR players for the English soccer team caused their consecutive failures.

    I wonder what it might be.

  13. Let me know when Italy wins a trophy without needing penalties. That game against Spain was shameful. They were defending for their lives and wanting the match to go to penalties as if they were some third world national team. And we're supposed to believe that they're best team in Europe? Please.

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  15. Oi England, looks like you lads didn't have a loicense for that trophy! You must have been in a tizzy because it was nearly time for tea and crumpets! Time to drop your bobby waffles and get back to kneeling!

  16. “What does the Roman Empire conquering Britannia have to do wit why everyone wants Italy to wi—“

  17. Saka played great this whole game but rashford and Sancho? You came in for one reason and missed both pens

  18. I'm an Arsenal fan but I supported the Italians to win. When it went to 3-2 after Jorginho missed, I was praying that England would miss. Then Saka came up and I was like "oh no". I could see the nervousness as he took the penalty and it was saved. It broke me to see Saka that way. The team I wanted to win ended up winning, but I still felt upset, and Southgate should've picked a better player to take Pen #5. A more experienced player. Don't put all that pressure on a 19 year old.

  19. Me gustaria que inglaterra gamara algun torneo en este le fue muy nien pero le toco la bestia de Italy que no personal Los parties Buenos….forward azzurra

  20. @Days S…

    At least Chiellin's foul was a strong and tactical one, was at lesst 20 meters from the penalty box.

    Whereas the soft penslty awarded to Sterling was nothing more than a dive that the ref didnt have the couage to issue a red card on him for his dive.

    Grow up and eat more pasta…perhsps with little salt since you remain a salty troll.

    Veni, Vedi, Vici

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