UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions! | The Engine Room Podcast

Watch – UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions! | The Engine Room Podcast

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Welcome to the pilot episode of The Engine Room. In this episode we will go over the champions league draw; breaking down each tie, from Barcelona vs PSG …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions! | The Engine Room Podcast and credited to BugaLuisFC. Viewing time is 01:09:02, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. This is a podcast that has been on the works for quite sometime now so we would appreciate all of your feedback and ideas to make this the best it can be! ?

  2. Great idea with the podcast! I have always loved podcasts, but I would like to make some suggestions, if it's alright! 🙂
    1. Love the graphics and the soundwave, etc. But an idea would be to actually include your video as well. Your video of both of you speaking into a mic, because the duration is an hour. Over time, it might become a bit too redundant to just see the same static screen for an hour while listening to both of you speak. When we are able to see you both though, we would be able to see your expressions, etc. Would make it a bit more lively, imo.
    2. Second suggestion would be to maybe include graphics of for example, the standing tables while talking about clubs and their standings, fixture info, player images, etc. Would make it more interesting…

    Just two suggestions that if implemented, would greatly improve the podcast even more! 🙂 IMO, that is… Great work, nevertheless, keep them coming!

  3. Great podcast, I enjoyed it, and I have some suggestions.
    1. I think it will be better if you won't transition into your next topic with that music, but instead just keep the entire podcast fluid.
    2. At the beginning of the podcast introduce all the topics you want to talk about.
    3. You can keep the schedule on the screen for the first minute while introducing the topics, but while the rest of the podcast you should put face cam of both of you, and as well prepare things that you want to show (for example league tables, news outlets). Basically keep the screen interactive especially if the podcast is meant to be on youtube.
    4. I think its best if you also dedicate a couple of minutes to talk about the biggest news of the week in world football at the beginning, so this podcast will also be sort of everything in one place for the listeners.

    And also one last thing, you both tend to agree on almost everything, so maybe you can invite a guess or have some more people from time to time. Surely would help the conversation.
    Good luck Buga hope you see this

  4. The podcast sounds and looks good one suggestion I have is someday have Kevin from Barca Media be a special guest that would be amazing or maybe other Barca Youtubers

  5. Nice podcast guys. I think Barca should appoint Overmars and Zorg (Dortmund SD). Which coach and players should Barca get and why? Pablo mentioned Haaland which I really like.

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