UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draw Reaction

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UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draw Reaction UEFA Champions League round of 16 fixtures Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER) vs Manchester City …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draw Reaction and credited to Dominic Rich F.C.. Viewing time is , enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. I'm from Germany and I have the feeling that Leipzig will kick out liverpool… I hope. Not… But I can see the future ?

  2. Hi Sir Rich, as a lfc fan and a German im so in love with this draw. Im so excited to watch Gladbach vs City, I hope we can see this match live with you.

  3. Oh boy gladbach my second favorite team the only stadium i visited in germany they play sensational football big up florian neuhaus he is an amazing player it will be an amazing game

  4. I think this draw is really good some good games also their might be some upsets so no team
    can underestimate their opponent. I can't wait for barca psg and atleti chelsea!

  5. Man City (2-0) (1-2) win on AGG (3-2)
    Bayern (3-0) (4-1) win on AGG (7-1)
    Atletico (0-0) (1-0) win on AGG (1-0)
    Liverpool (1-1) (3-1) win on AGG (4-2)
    Juventus (3-0) (2-0) win on AGG (5-0)
    PSG (2-1) (2-2) win on AGG (4-3)
    Dortmund (3-1) (0-0) win on AGG (3-1)
    Real Madrid (2-0) (2-0) win on the (4-0)

  6. I love that draw with city
    Is ok bro city to try hard to win the trophy this season
    For liverpool is ok too , the draw was great bro

  7. Why City always have easier opponets than others in both group stage and round of 16.
    My predictions for who will make it to QUARTER FINALS:

  8. Congratulations Dominic..you guys got what you want….you got Real Madrid vs Atlanta as well….but you swapped Liverpool and Chelsea fixture…you predicted Chelsea to play Leipzig and Liverpool to play Athletico ..now the reserve is the case? YNWA?

  9. I am a Bayern fan. I will give you all a warning. Don't take them lightly. They have beat us 3 time in the last 6 meeting. Just because you don't watch Bundesliga. Doesn't mean that team is weak.

  10. Domonic you dont let that team knock City out either, as a matter of fact i dont think City will win the Champions league..

  11. From a neutral perspective Leipzig Vs Liverpool and Atletico Madrid Vs Chelsea are the most mouthwateing match ups. Should see a lot of goals in Leipzig Vs Liverpool and it could go down to the wire, if Leipzig doesn't go into sleep mode again like they did in their first game against ManU where they shipped 5 goals despite playing better. This definitely won't be an easy game for Liverpool.

    And Atletico Madrid Vs Chelsea probably won't have many goals, but it's gonna be a fascinating tactical battle and I believe Chelsea will struggle hard. Simeone's Atletico is always a potential banana skin in the Champions League for any team.

  12. Liverpool have always been at their best in two-leg matches in Europe. Every club lose sometimes, but Liverpool, even during our mediocre times, always excelled in these playoffs.
    ManUrinals are out, and that is hillllllarioussss! One of their fan channels claimed that they lose £ 50 000 000 minimum by dropping into the abyss of Europa League, which also has one round more to play, so if they proceed further there, their fixture congestion will be just awful! 🙂 Add to that few rounds of FA-cup and League Cup (without winning them, of course), and they could play 60-70 games in a season, plus international matches for their players…

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