Peter Crouch on England, 2006 World Cup and THAT goal vs Trinidad and Tobago | BBC Sounds

Watch – Peter Crouch on England, 2006 World Cup and THAT goal vs Trinidad and Tobago | BBC Sounds

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Peter Crouch reveals all on his England career and tells us about the 2006 World cup campaign, including his winning goal vs Trinidad and Tobago.

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Peter Crouch on England, 2006 World Cup and THAT goal vs Trinidad and Tobago | BBC Sounds and credited to BBC Sounds. Viewing time is 00:21:45, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Press in the same hotel..A lot of those wives knew exactly what the score was. They wanted some of that exposure that it achieved.

  2. Sven had the management game in his pocket for a few years. He must have had a top agent.I swear that England job was money for old rope. Pretty much picked the same team through his whole time. Nice little holiday at a few tournaments. Rest of the year goes out to a few football matches with the the hospitality laid out. Paid millions, then paid millions to leave. Capello then jumped on the band wagon. If you were a foreign coach back then towards the end of your career wanting the part time type international job.. England must have been the call you wanted.

  3. ? my cousin was in space!! I played in a celebrity football competition with them in the echo arena, he said I was the base player ? hes the one who played guitar haha…

  4. As much as I love crouch hes completely lying when he says he wasnt intentionally pulling on the guys dreadlocks to get more height. He knew exactly what he was doing no doubt.

  5. It's more the English press though…they are just sensationalist morons who are just waiting to undermine English football.

  6. "Crouch pulling someone's dreadlocks in order to gain an advantage over a black man is typical white privilege" – some leftist somewhere.

    I'm surprised Owen Jones hasn't done a backdated article in the Guardian about how it symbolises overt racism at world cups.

  7. What a lie. It was a premeditated move. Now it's a joke. But the English keep moaning about the Maradona goal. At least he went on to win the world cup. But what was crouch's hands of good worth they still didn't win even up to now.

  8. Well guys I am doing my podcast and having a rematch of the World Cup on our streams! Would love to hear what you lot have to say. A nice bit of banter between Brent Sancho and Crouch can be arranged!

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