Italy vs. South Korea (2002): one of the biggest scandals in World Cup history - Oh My Goal

Watch – Italy vs. South Korea (2002): one of the biggest scandals in World Cup history – Oh My Goal

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2002 World Cup was witness to South Korea’s giant-killing run to the semi-finals — but was it the fairytale it appeared to be? Two games in particular had …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Italy vs. South Korea (2002): one of the biggest scandals in World Cup history – Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:03:29, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Allow me to inject some sanity into these, "Italy and Spain were screwed through corruption" conspiracy theories. First, some perspective:
    1. Every World Cup has Cinderella teams who go deep in the tournament…..every one.
    2. Every World Cup has Power House teams who fail to advance past the group stage….every one.
    3. Almost every host country overachieves in the Tournament.
    4. Every World Cup has controversial calls, especially in the knock out stage….every one.
    How is South Korea making it to the Semis in 2002 the smoking gun for corruption? Do you know what I see when I watch highlights from South Korea v Italy in 2002? A lot of tough tackles combined with a lot of diving. Italy has a well-deserved reputation for diving and getting the calls as a result. They've done it for decades and they've won World Cups using that tactic. Is the officiating in this game spot on? No, of course not. There were even calls the Italians were legitimately screwed on…..and you know what……it's karma. They finally paid the price for turning into glass anytime an opposing player gets close to them.
    As for the doping accusations…..prove it. A team that plays lights out football and has three players around the ball isn't proof of doping, and drug testing is easily accessible and accurate. Maradona got tossed out of the 94 World Cup via drug tests.
    Ultimately, I see two European Power House teams who cannot accept they lost to a mid-tier Asian team. It's a pathetic sense of entitlement and all of these wild accusations are being thrown around as a result. Congrats to Italy and Spain for getting their shit together an winning subsequent tournaments, but that doesn't mean 2002 was some mass scandal. You lost, get over it.

  2. I'm brazilian, they had a great team, Rivaldo and Ronaldo was fantastic players. But… I don't have so sure about Italy vs Brasil in 2002. Italy had one amazing team, better than 2006 when they win the cup. Italy had amazing teams from 94 to 2006, and I think that 98 and 2002 although not go to the final, was really really strong teams

    94 final lost penalt

    98 quarter but lost penalt again against the champiom France in France

    2002 was that scandal

    2006 champiom

  3. In reality Korea played pretty well. It is not that they had totally no hope of defeating Italy. They were running after every ball and not giving any space to the Italians. They were trained by a Dutch coach. Should give them some credit. They did have some world class players and they still do. Korea and Japan are not pushovers in football. Just like USA and Australia. On a good day they can beat the best team from Europe. 2018 World Cup, didn't Korea beat defending champions Germany as well? Was the referee bias?

  4. Edit. I am Spanish-italian and i was born in 2007
    To be honest, i was not born yet when this happened but when i watched the two games (the Italy vs Korea and Spain vs Korea) in full some years ago it was scandalous.
    The Italy-Sweden game in 2017 was shocking too, 4 clear penalties not given to Italy.

    Ps Koreans aren't blamed at all in Italy and Spain, me and the rest of the people in my 2 countries all know that Bryon Moreno and Al Ghaoundor are the ones to blame and Korean people are not involved in it + Since they eliminated the Germany in 2018 there is no way we (Spaniards and Italians) hate them

    Ps number 2 if you are german pls don't be offended, it is just football rivarly

  5. Basically 1stworld countries jus cant digest the success of third world… Hence scandle.. Or else ban..

  6. For once, the world class #1 soccer field « diving specialists » ?? were falling for real !!! ??????
    Anyone wonders why NO Italian player dares to play in the English Premiere League? No place for soft men nor weak cheaters out there.

  7. I'm from Korea and I'm not interested in sports, so I don't get it.

    Just I want every sports game to be held fairly.
    +Don't get mad at every Koreans plz

  8. Korea first show their cheating skills in 1988 Olympics.. later on 2002 world cup . Fortunately Korea do not play cricket.

  9. Dear Oh My Goal

  10. When Asian won against European, people always think that it was the result of a dirty referee. What about South Korea defeated Germany in 2018, do you think it is also the result of a dirty referee?

  11. Korea sucks at soccer, should've gotten crushed by Italy and Spain… Korea public blindly ignores this, of course. One time I visited Korea (idk why, should've stayed in Europe any day) wearing a Azzuri jersey and I got laughed at because they claimed to have defeated us. Lol.

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