WC 2002. Korean disallowed goal. Korea vs Portugal.

Watch – WC 2002. Korean disallowed goal. Korea vs Portugal.

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It’s a little known fact that Korea had a goal disallowed vs Portugal in the WC 2002. If you see the replay, a Korean player fouled the Portuguese keeper, so it was …

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled WC 2002. Korean disallowed goal. Korea vs Portugal. and credited to WC2002Truth. Viewing time is 00:00:35, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. But if the referee was bribed and the game was fixed, it would have been a lot easier for the ref to allow the goal. How did he know Korea was going to score a goal later? And please also tell me, why is every single 'dislike' on this video from Japan?

  2. what about the disallowed goal that Spain scored? And the reason why all the dislike on this video is from Japan is the same reason that Koreans dislike our videos.

  3. The uploader is saying this refree decision about foul shows that other refree decision made in other match is just one of the mis judgement any sports game has. And if you take a close look the player didn't make much of contact but more contact with the ball.

  4. Contact with goalkeeper I mean. So refree could have just gave goal to Korea but he didn't because he didn't have a reason to do in favor of korea

  5. So it was correct call for refree and people need to stop cry that refree was bribed and say refree was always on Korea side because ref made correct call that disallowed goal

  6. Not really.. offensive foul is often overlooked. If the ref had orders to let Korea win, it would have been easy to let the goal stand and claim your view of the play was obstructed by other players.

  7. The truth is Portugal had a very bad preparation for the WC and additionally bad luck in this game. With these 2 red cards you can say Portugal defeated themselves. But the games against Spain and Italy have been a disgrace for sure. Since then FIFA changed completely the way they decide which referee Teams they sent to the WC.

    My predictions for this World Cup 2018: South Korea will suck a lot of dick and will not pass the group stage.
    1. Germany
    2. Sweden
    3. Mexico
    4. South Korea

  8. Yes it was a foul and Korea was lucky to win this game. Portugal played better football but Korea had the home crowd behind them. In the end the worst team won and there's not much more I can say!

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