England's and ITV's first World Cup 2010 HD  goal.....WORTH WAITING FOR!!!!!

Watch – England's and ITV's first World Cup 2010 HD goal…..WORTH WAITING FOR!!!!!

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Fine build up play and……er…….adverts…….what a mess as usual by the other TV channel.

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled England's and ITV's first World Cup 2010 HD goal…..WORTH WAITING FOR!!!!! and credited to Nicholas Hutchings. Viewing time is , enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Its obvious that the camera man or sound man stood up jumping up and down swtiching something by mistake. He won't have his job much longer.

  2. Okay, it was a beautiful goal, but the english won't stop the german team this time! But i hope you beat the dutch team in semifinal, so we'll meet in the final. And please don't cry if we beat you again in PSO!!!

  3. @db3991 Dude shut up, for god sake leave it be, look at the vid and glance down on wht ur blabbing about, totally unrelevant. I mean who the fuck cares about tanks, guns and laser pistols anyways.

  4. @Molo9000
    by the end of the war, the Soviets had suffered some 20-30 million casualties, mostly from the eastern front. (out of a population of 160 million or so, only a fraction of which were fit to fight) if the Japanese, had attacked from the east, the Soviets would have been obliterated, and Europe as well as much of the world would have fallen. If the US did not intervene, who knows where the world would be? Trust me, in complete turmoil.

  5. @darkcornbreadhunter No i don't have a problem with you saying that Green messed up. All i said was that it was a schoolboy error, and it most likely won't happen again. Doubt if they even play Green next match.

  6. That was such an annoying moment – between ITV's fuck up and those FRIGGING BUYZZING HORNS its not been good watching the world cup!

  7. @marinestrong17
    You're right. The US definitely turned the tide. Now it's too bad you guys couldn't have been convinced to join the war earlier. Unfortunately too many Americans were enjoying making money off of Germany's economic and military success – this is well documented. Lucky for the world, the Japanese foolishly bombed Pearl Harbour, finally convincing you Americans that WWII was a war worth fighting.

  8. @db3991 Again read, who gives a shit about what those idiots are saying theyr'e just trolling, dont fall degrade yourself to their ignorance and try to ignore, too many videos I've seen where comments have been disabled because of people flaming on irellevant crap.

  9. Epic Fail! 😀
    I´m sorry for all the viewers in england. That seemed to be the worst timing in history.

  10. I wonder if the search is on at ITV to find the executive who made the decision to put commercials in during play. I also wonder if they will do the same during the next England game.

  11. Euro 2004's best goal was also scored during a replay. Can't the channels act a little more responsability?

  12. @seanaldinho52
    Thank you, finally some one with a bit more than basic knowledge of the second world war voices their opinion.

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