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Brazil video on: Brazil – World Cup 2006

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It has been a blast so far and FIFA World Cup 2010 Brazil does not disappoint:

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Below is an update on FIFA World Cup team Brazil:

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Brazil video on: Brazil – World Cup 2006

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2010 FIFA World Cup logo

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2010 FIFA World Cup logo

Brazil duplicate Germany’s Strategy in Dunga

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Brazil DungaBrazil’s loss to France in the World Cup 2006 was a surprise to majority of the people, which prompted a series of write-ups criticizing Carlos Alberto Parreira’s boring style of play, opposite what Brazil has been known for — exciting, offensive-minded-plays, highly technical soccer.

Brazilian style was lacking in this year’s tournament that did not allow even the World’s number one Footballer, Ronaldinho, to shine. The media pressure including everyone shouting for change prompted for the resignation of Parreira, but brought surprise to the world when Dunga, a tough defensive midfielder and captain of Brazil when they won World Cup in 1994, was chosen instead of Vanderlei Luxemburgo or Paulo Autuori who are both experienced and well known.

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Yahoo Video on: FIFA World Cup 2002 User Review 8106

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FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 Videopinions are product reviews and demonstrations by the people who use them – in full motion video. Go to ExpoTV at www.expotv.com to find…


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Yahoo Video on: FIFA World Cup 2002 User Review 8106

US Girls Is not as Pathetic as their Boys

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Amy RodriguezThe US women’s division is a very strong unit expected to perform very well in the upcoming Women’s U-20 championships in Russia this coming August, hoping to bring some sanity to football reputation in their country whose Men’s division brought so much shame in the recent FIFA World Cup 2006.

The U.S. team is looked poised for a proud performance following their focused training for several months in California, series of friendly competitions against top squads, a total of around 50 games since January, and were the U-19 world champions in 2002.

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FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship

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FIFA U-20 Women's Championship Russia 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany has ended but not for these girls who are as impressive to watch as their male counterparts. The 2006 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship is taking place in Russia from August 17 to September 3, 2006 and matches will be held in four Moscow stadiums namely: Dinamo, Lokomotiv, Podmoskovie Sports Palace and Torpedo Stadion and one in St. Petersburg — Petrovskiy Stadion.

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Brazil Deserves World Cup 2014,not Columbia

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Brazil FIFA World CupIn 2008, FIFA will choose the 2014 host for FIFA World Cup and I strongly support Brazil instead of a Columbian country who already failed to live up to expectations after pulling out in 1986 which saw Mexico taking the task in a short notice.

Brazil’s football dominance and reputation is unparalleled, their graceful playmaking skills, passionate people from the country and string of awards are simply undeniable and it would be fitting to see them host the competitions in their own country.

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South Africa 2010 Overview

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FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010The young democracy of the Republic of South Africa is located at the southern region of the African continent which homes 46 million people. Zulu is one of their 11 official languages and is spoken by around 24 percent of the population. Aside from their native language, English is widely known by 80 percent of the population.

South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994 ended a century of black oppression and was ruled in majority by Apartheid who officially arrived in 1948. Their past has pushed the officials to progress their constitution to titanic levels to ensure the protection of all its citizens. South Africa is the biggest economy in Africa and known as the biggest exporter of gold and platinum. South Africa won the bid to host FIFA World Cup 2010 because of their advanced telecommunications systems and is tagged as the tenth largest stock exchange in the world using South African Rand as their monetary unit.

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South Africa 2010 Logo

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FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010On July 7, 2006 FIFA unveiled the logo for the next FIFA World Cup 2006 in South Africa. The logo symbolizes the growing sport in Africa as depicted by the player pointed upwards. Also, this shows a more active expression as compared to Germany 2006 which displayed a friendly attitude. Will South Africa be a hostile place for foreigners and see teams like Ghana dominating?

Four years is a short wait and the next thing we knew we are talking about the sport once again.

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Profile: Zinedine Zidane

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Ruud Van NistelrooyHow we like him?
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What is he famous for?

He is the greatest midfielder in the last decade and considered as one of the greatest players that played the game. The record holder of a $66 million dollar transfer from Juventus to Real Madrid, he volleyed a legendary shot in the European Cup in 2002 that helped them win against Bayer Leverkusen.

FIFA World Cup 2006 was known for his headbutt.

Personality & likeness

He is a shy person who is a strong example of an efficient silent worker and leader. He doesn’t need to talk much to carry his team to victory, his actions speak louder than words.

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