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United States FIFA World Cup Below is a diary of all games played by United States in FIFA World Cup 2006.

Last Updated: June 22, 2006

Date Played: June 12, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Czech Republic
Scorer/s: Jan Koller (CZE 5′), Tomas Rosicky (CZE 36′, 76′)
Budweiser Man of the Match: Tomas Rosicky


This is a humiliating loss for the United States that saw them boasting of their skills previous weeks prior to the start of the FIFA World Cup. Their arrogance and individualistic plays did nothing to help their cause as they got burned three goals by Czech Republic. People held them in high regard; though they got kicked in the ass and humbly bowed down as they reveal themselves to the World of Football. It is clear where they belong in the greatest sporting event in the world.

Players has this to say about the game:


The early goal made things pretty hard on us. But I think we have positives we can build on. Captain Claudio played very well tonight. I’m just happy to be here after all my injury troubles and do whatever I can do to help the team.

We need to forget about this game as quickly as is humanly possible. If we come out and play like this against Italy we’re going to lose again. We really need to learn from the mistakes we made tonight.

We played OK in the first half and we are still alive if we get a result in our next game. All is not lost and we will keep on fighting.

Stud of the Game: Tomas Rosicky of Czech Republic became a nightmare for the United States by scoring two goals and at the same time giving them a difficult time in offense.

Dud of the Game: Lando Donovan was expected he lead this team but as it turned out he was non-existent throughout the game.

Honorable Mention: Jan Koller was spectacular on the field scoring a goal before he left because of hamstring injury.

Game Players : Kasey Keller, Pablo Mastroeni, Steve Cherundolo, Eddie Lewis, Claudio Reyna, Bobby Convery, DaMarcus Beasley, Brian Mc Bride, Landon Donovan, Oguchi Onyewu, Eddie Pope

Yellow Cards: Oguchi Onyewu (USA 5′), David Rozehnal (CZE 16′), Vratislav Lokvenc (CZE 59′), Claduio Reyna (USA 60′), Tomas Rosicky (CZE 81′), Zdenek Grygera (CZE 88′)

Substitutes John O Brien and Eddie Johnson for Pablo Mastroeni and Steve Cherundolo (USA 46′), Josh Wolff for Brian Mc Bride (USA 77′), Vratislav Lokvenc for Jan Koller (CZE 45′), Jan Polak for Karel Poborsky (CZE 82′), Jiri Stajner for Tomas Rosicky (CZE 86′)

Date Played: June 18, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Italy
Scorer/s: Alberto Gilardino (ITA 22′), Christian Zaccardo (USA 27′)
Budweiser Man of the Match: Kasey Keller

Preview: After their humiliating first game against Czech Republic USA needs to win this game if they are to advance to the next stage. Key here is Landon Donovan who was virtually non-existent in the game. He doesn’t look like a pig like Ronaldo but he sure moves like he’s one.

Recap: The start of the game showed a boring footballing competition when both of the teams were slow and game possession shifted from country to the other swiftly.

Stud of the Game: Kasey Keller made key block shots particularly Alessandro Del Piero’ shot at the 73rd minute.

Keller has this to say:

“A great goalkeeper is one that makes no mistakes and Keller made no mistakes tonight. I believe that he kept the USA in the game and also in the tournament through his performance against Italy.”

USA’s senior team has this to say:

The team were fantastic tonight, playing with nine men against ten. It’s the first time in my career that I’ve had two players sent off in one match. I don’t want to talk about the red cards as I need to see the replays. (Kasey) Keller was our hero tonight, he made some outstanding saves.
Bobby Convey also had an excellent game. We’ve made a lot of progress since the match the other day (against the Czech Republic). After tonight I know I’ve got a fantastic bunch of players.

Dud of the Game: Pablo Mastroeni and Eddie Pope for getting their red cards.

Honorable Mention: Bobby Convery had an excellent game.

Game Players : Kasey Keller, Carlos Bocanegra, Pablo Mastroeni, Steve Cherundolo, Clint Dempsey, Claudio Reyna, Bobby Convery, Brian Mc Bride, Landon Donovan, Oguchi Onyewu, Eddie Pope

Substitutes : Gennaro Gattuso for Francesco Totti (ITA 35′), Alessandro Del Piero for Christian Zaccardo (54′), Vincenzo Iaquinta for Luca Toni (ITA 61′), Jimmy Conrad for Bobby Convery (USA 52′), DaMarcus Beasley for Clint Dempsey (USA 62′)

Yellow Cards: Francesco Totti (ITA 5′), Eddie Pope (USA 21′, 47′), Gianluca Zambrotta (ITA 70′) Francesco Totti (ITA 5′), Eddie Pope (USA 21′, 47′), Gianluca Zambrotta (ITA 70′)

Date Played: June 22, 2006 (Group Stage)
Opponent: Ghana
Scorer/s: Haminu Draman (GHA 22′), Stephen Appiah (GHA 47′, Penalty), Clint Dempsey (USA 43′)
Budweiser Man of the Match: Stephen Appiah

Recap: United States was showed out the door by a loss to a strong Ghana team. They conceded the first goal then tied the score before half-time only to fall back two minutes in extension before half time break. This only proves and tells the world that they do not have a place in the highest level of football.

Stud of the Game: Stephen Appiah’s performance on the field as Ghana’s captain was tremendous in helping Ghana advance to the next round. He orchestrated the plays, made very good passes and kept his teamates spirits’ high throughout the game.

Dud of the Game: The U.S. team deserves to be the Dud of the game

Honorable Mention: Haminu Draman scored the first goal that kept their team strong right from the start.

Game Players : Kasey Keller, Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Eddie Lewis, Claudio Reyna, Clint Dempsey, Jimmy Conrad, DaMarcus Beasley, Brian Mc Bride, Landon Donovan, Oguchi Onyewu

Substitutes : Ben Olsen for Claudio Reyna (USA 40′), Eddie Johnson for Steve Cherundol (USA 61′), Bobby Convey for Eddie Lewis (USA 74′), Addo Otto for Derek Boaten (GHA 46′), Eric ADDO for Matthew Amoah (GHA 59′), Alex Tachie-Mensah for Haminu Draman (GHA 80′)

Yellow Cards: Michael Essien (GHA 5′), Eddie Lewis (USA 7′), Illiasu Shilla (GHA 32′), John Mensah (GHA 81′), Stephen Appiah (GHA 91′)

Current Squad

Goalie: 1 Tim Howard, 18 Kasey Keller, 19 Marcus Hahnemann

Defense: 2 Chris Albright, 3 Carlos Bocanegra, 4 Pablo Mastroeni, 6 Steve Cherundolo, 12 Gregg Berhalter, 13 Jim Conrad, 22 Oguchi Onyewu, 23 Eddie Pope

Midfield: 7 Eddie Lewis, 8 Clinton Dempsey, 10 Claudio Reyna, 14 Ben Olsen, 15 Bobby Convey,
5 John O’Brien

Striker: 9 Edward Johnson, 11 Brian Ching, 16 Josh Wolff, 17 DaMarcus Beasley, 20 Brian McBride, 21 Landon Donovan

World Cup Gears at Sporati.

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