Ronaldo Is unAxed!

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RonaldoThe other day I surrendered all my belief in my super hero expecting him to be axed from the lineup. He proved me wrong and he may look into my eyes and laugh as loud as he can while insulting me for all I care. Deep inside I am relieved and happy for what he did and where he is right now — Ronaldo is all smiles and looks rejuvenated after he scored two goals, trying Gerd Muller’s record of 14 goals in FIFA World Cup Finals enroute to a Brazil win against Japan that moves them past the group stage.

That is a great achievement for the superstar who for the past weeks was the laughing stock of the media from newspapers, magazines, blogs, website news and even in street conversations across the world.

His response to criticism has been impressive. He moves constantly and his intelligent judgements created a number of opportunities for him and his country.

I love this guy for the longest time and his troubles has brought me great disappointment enough to dismiss him in the competition. I know deep inside that he has the ability to score but with his overweight body it would seem impossible to achieve greatness at the highest level of play.

True enough, he may no longer have the ability to dribble the ball from far distance and charge to the goal putting the ball behind the net; instead he uses his head to position himself at the best place on the field to open him up for a killer scoring opportunity.

The first strike came at the 45th minute when Ronaldo scores a good goal – headed in from mid penalty area left low with his head. The second came at the 81st minute from the right channel right low with his right foot.

O Ronaldo! Do us proud once again!

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  1. […] Brazil is the team I expect to explode with Ronaldinho yet to score in the tournament. Ronaldo is finding his form and feel of the game once again having scored two goals in their last match, Kaka and Adriano continues to improve and show maturity and Ronaldinho providing the set plays for the team. […]

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