April 2006

Inmortalizando el momento con el famoso Diego Maradona

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It has been a blast so far and Diego Maradona does not disappoint with amazing pictures:

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Inmortalizando el momento con el famoso Diego Maradona

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Leave of Absence

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I am pretty much preparing for the SharePoint Conference 2006 in Bellevue, Washington. Having said that, I will take a leave of absence from this blog for now. When I am back in the Philippines on May 21 I will make up for everything in time for the World Cup this June. Stay tuned…

Beware World Cup Racists

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“The regulations will be applied for this World Cup,” revealed Fifa president Sepp Blatter. “At the first sign of racism there will be a deduction of three points, then we are finished with problems of discrimination.”

This may look like a smart move but how stupid it could. It should be easy disguise yourself as routing on the team opposite you preference. Sheesh, what day is today Sepp? Two months to go and here you are implementing something as weird as this.

World Cup Tracker

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I stumbled upon this software that will track the happenings on all the team in the upcoming World Cup. I have not been able to test it just yet but will do so and make a review.

Fantasy Football

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Good news to all you football fans out there who wants to kick some ass in Germany!

Yahoo has launched a FIFA World Cup fantasy game.

Seasoned Fantasy players will know that it is always a good idea to do some homework before selecting your team ahead of each match. Find out which players are hitting peak form, who has been underachieving and which players are expected to shine by consulting the Fantasy Game’s strategy pages that will be readily available to all users throughout the tournament.

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How Deep is your Love?

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Football fans is an exceptionally different breed of people.

I find it quite unique in the way fans love, defend and stand by their teams. The football forums and communities I have joined always had violent people who behaved like barbarians. Their love is unquestionable to the extent that they put their education, integrity, credibility, etc. on the line just to defend their heart’s desire.

I always wanted it addressed differently — with respect and love; but I know deep inside that it just isn’t going to happen for a culture deeply embedded in the core of the sport.

Sweden Eyes on Opponents

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Lyth, one of the scouts, told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet how important it was to see their opponents play live.

England, Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago will be followed by Sweden’s three man team — Lyth, Goransson and Lenartsson.

What’s new?

All teams have scouts and that cancels everything else. Well, at least you get to do your homework. Who knows who among the scouts are enjoying their vacation and miss the important aspects of the game played?

World Cup 06: Tunisia

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Tunisia In this series of posts we shall look at each country’s profile that will see action during the games. We continue with Tunisia (player profile). The full archive is found here.

Only winning one game against Mexico in the last 28 years does not speak well of this team. Being the first African country to win a finals has put them in the record books though. Below is their world cup record:

1978: (lost) Poland; (draw) Germany
1998: (lost) England, Columbia; (draw) Romania
1998: (lost) Russia, Japan; (draw) Belgium

Former French national coach Roger Lemerre has led the team to lift the trophy at the Rades stadium during the CAF African Cup of Nations in February 2004.

Their six wins, three draws and only one loss ensured them a place in World Cup Germany.

Their solid combination of players makes Tunisian fans hopeful about their chances.

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World Cup 06: Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia In this series of posts we shall look at each country’s profile that will see action during the games. We continue with Saudi Arabia (player profile). The full archive is found here.

Saudi Arabia’s team is fortunate to receive great amounts of financial backing since their performance in World Cup 94; though their recent slump in the next two World Cup competitions is disappointing. They are looking to redeem themselves with their triple threat player combination.

They have been Asian champions three times, in 1984, 1988 and 1996. The 1984 and 1988 performance has prompted the country’s authorities to introduce full professionalism on the sport that resulted in their FIFA World Cup finals appearance at USA 94. They lost to Sweden in the second round after beating Morocco and Belgium in the first round.

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Soccerati Launched

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My Soccerati blog was launched by b5media last Thursday April 6.

When Milo Riano sent his application for a soccer blog in awhile ago, I was torn. You see, Alan Hyland is running another Soccer blog over at The Footie and we just can’t have more than one soccer blog! Well, that’s not completely true as soccer (ahem… football) is a huge sport that consumes the world in a competitiveness that dwarfs United Nations debates over Iraq.

Milo is somewhat of an expert in the field of player development, but also approaches the game from a world competition perspective. I really look forward to World Cup time.

Hope to see you there too!

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